1400 Sneak Is An Entire TTRPG Sourcebook In Just A Few Pages

Tabletop roleplaying game designer James Lennox-Gordon (Unknown Dungeon) recently published their latest TTRPG titled 1400 Sneak to itch.io. The stand-alone sourcebook is currently priced at just $3 minimum for its three PDF files, and there’s also a single-page PDF demo available for free.

1400 Sneak is billed as a lo-fi heist-fantasy by Lennox-Gordon, with its engine based on the 2400 lo-fi sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game designed by Jason Tocci, translated into “a fantasy world of adventure, treasure, and peril.” Lennox-Gordon handled the concept, design, and writing for the game, with cool cover art by BEEPLE (Mike Winkelmann).

The product page describes the lo-fi heist-fantasy of 1400 Sneak as “a secret and sinister world” hidden in darkness, where “subterfuge, larceny, and murder-for-hire” are the dominant ways of life. Roleplayers can choose their character’s role from a list of seven available: Assassin, Enforcer, Face, Hawk, Sharpshooter, Tinkerer, and Trickster. Skills include Melee Weapons, Fisticuffs, Hide, Intimidate, Deceive, Sweet Talk, Spellcasting, Disguise, and others.

The free demo PDF has all the main rules and character creation info on it, and is pretty much all you need to have (along with your imagination) in order to run and play 1400 Sneak. However, the full $3 minimum game includes “ gear, gadgets, poisons, and spells, and more character options,” along with DM info tables for NPCs and locations.

And to really expand the world of 1400 Sneak, it is fully compatible with two of Lennox-Gordon’s previously-published tabletop roleplaying games, 1400 Below and 1400 Quest. Those two are categorized as lo-fi hi fantasy games and can be found on Unknown Dungeon’s itch.io page at the $3 minimum price. You can choose to use just one of those sourcebooks to expand 1400 Sneak with, or choose to combine all three. Each provides more character and game options, so you can tailor your game world to your liking. Honestly, $9 for three PDF tabletop roleplaying game sourcebooks is not a bad deal at all.

Lennox-Gordon has five more TTRPG products on in their Unknown Dungeon label, three of which are free, and all of which look rather interesting, and not like the ordinary TTRPG. If you’re interested in more info, Lennox-Gordon and their Unknown Dungeon label both have Twitter channels to follow.

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