17 Startups to Feature During 2019 Vive X Demo Days

The worldwide Vive X AR/VR Accelerator Programme is now in its fourth phase, having selected a new batch of startups last November. HTC Vive has announced the Vive X Demo Days for 2019, with seventeen companies presenting and exhibiting their innovations to investors, press and potential business partners.

There will be four Vive X Demo Days over the next few weeks, with the Beijing having taken place on 8th May, Tokyo on 16th May, London on 23rd May and lastly San Francisco on 4th June. The chosen companies will be showcasing innovations in enterprise tools and solutions, workforce training, healthcare solutions, streaming technology, social applications, location-based entertainment, foundational technology, and more.

The event in London will also be part of an Investor Summit which will include the first ever meeting of the VRVCA (Virtual Reality Venture Capital Alliance) in Europe.

The companies in Vive X Batch 4 include:

San Francisco –

  • MyndVR 
  • Primitive
  • ybVR
  • Visby
  • Modal
  • London –

  • Immersive Factory
  • LIV
  • Kagenova
  • Taipei –

  • 360Stories
  • Z-Emotion
  • Shenzhen –

  • Inload
  • Yaoan
  • Beijing – 

  • ifGames
  • ShinyVR 
  • Yuanji
  • Tel Aviv – 

  • Sixdof.space 
  • Ayayu Games
  • Launched in 2016 to help fund and promote businesses interested in developing for the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) industries. Operating out of San Francisco, London, Beijing, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Tel Aviv, the $100 million USD programme has managed to help fund around 100 companies so far, providing support in key areas including strategy, business development, engineering and marketing.

    Vive X also invests in related technologies of 5G, AI, and Blockchain as part of Vive’s consolidated vision for converged technology. Additionally, the programme has opened the call for submissions for the next batch of candidates in all six locations today.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of Vive X reporting back with the latest announcements.

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