5 Ways Atreus Has Grown In God Of War Ragnarok

Three years can be a lot of change for some people, especially when they are young. That time from when Kratos and Atreus spread Faye's ashes and God of War: Ragnarok led to personal and combative growth for both characters, even more so for the young one compared to his father.

Since Fimulwinter started to freeze Midgard and mess with the other realms, Atreus and Kratos have been training and surviving in the wasteland. During this time, the teenager has been improving his skills, becoming a typical know-it-all teen, and having a few secrets of his own behind his father's back. With all of this, he has shown to be the same boy we knew before while having enough development to learn a few new things about him.

5/5 Closer Relationships With Friends And Family

Atreus and Kratos grow closer as they try to stay warm and not get decapitated by an angry Freya. In combat, the way they talk to one another shows their bond as gods who must fight to survive in a hostile world. While in the father's shoes, you can see his son hold his own while being a more competent companion.

Brok and Sindri are some of their closest allies. Atreus and Sindri, in particular, are close friends, even with Atreus cutting his blacksmith friend's name short for a nickname. Sindri tries at some point, but they both recognize it is not going well. Still, we see them have fun and get into mischief behind Kratos' back as the young god wants to know more about Loki and how to stop Ragnarok from happening.

4/5 Keeps The Trend Of Keeping Secrets

Kratos kept many secrets from Atreus in the 2018 game. He kept the fact that they were gods from him, where Kratos was from, and was guarded about what was going on inside his head. When a parent is secretive, they tend to raise a secretive child, whether they like it or not. Papa of War does not approve of these new secrets that slowly come to light in this finale of the Norse saga.

At the end of the 2018 game, Atreus and Kratos learn about the prophecy the Giants had seen, predicting the events that took place. On the wall, it read that his name was Loki. At first, they shrugged it off with a hint of curiosity. Three years later, at an age when people discover who they are, the Son of War wants to know about Loki. That leads to adventures and investigations for evidence without a fatherly companion.

Besides his identity, Atreus tries to seek out Týr to learn about Loki and how to stop Ragnarok. While his father does not want war, it is the only answer the boy sees to stop Ragnarok and Odin. With a stone and those two birds in his sights, he hopes to kill them both, whether his father approves or not.

3/5 With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

When a young Atreus learned he was a god, he asked his dad if he could turn into an animal. Kratos repeated the question with confusion before saying that he did not know. In the space between that game and Ragnarok, he intentionally and unintentionally learned a few new tricks, including turning into an animal.

When Atreus lets his emotions take over, he turns into a rampaging bear. Slowly, he starts to get a grip on how to control this ability. When he meets Angrboda, she helps him as he learns to use a rage-like super to turn into a wolf to eat his enemies. That leads to more control of the bear as he bursts out of Brok and Sindri's home to go to Asgard.

2/5 His Awkward Phase

In God of War 2018, fans get introduced to Atreus. The young boy goes on an arc of being a kind and innocent boy who turns into a brat when he learns he is a god. He comes to terms with this, gets some stern talks from his father to straighten him out, and gets the right perspective about his power. In Ragnarok, he is an awkward teen.

Everything that comes with being a teenager, from moodiness, thinking you know more than experienced adults, and being awkward when a cute girl gives you attention, is everything Atreus is in Ragnarok. Even though his father understands war, he has an attitude about the subject because his knowledge of prophecies, Odin, and Týr makes him think he knows best how to stop the catastrophic event on the horizon. Then he flips the switch when he meets Angrboda and has those shy interactions and a failed gift attempt with a flower.

Insecurities are highlighted throughout our alone time with Atreus. He is confident about his ideas and plans when he talks to Kratos. When alone, he talks to himself to reveal the doubts that linger under the surface.

1/5 A Growing Sense Of Independence

A few sections of Ragnarok let you play Atreus without his father looming over you. This gives space for character development and a different gameplay style. It also provides a sense of independence as he can carry his weight without help from his father.

It is growth that leads to him being able to go on adventures without getting killed. He accomplishes great feats like getting over the wall in Asgard and fighting hordes of enemies in the woods of Midgard. Still, we see how he has room to develop as he gets whooped by Heimdall when they first meet. Maybe a 20-something Atreus will be a god killer like his dad.

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