6 Changes To Make Wavetale Go From Good To Great

When you stumble upon Wavetale's page on any platform, you'll be promised an immersive platformer experience inside a story-rich game. As you play through different main quests, and side quests meeting NPCs with a wide range of personalities, this game will attract your attention and make you emotional with its beautiful story.

During the playthrough, you'll get to know more about the gloom and the black fog surrounding your town. While there are numerous things to commend this game for, there are also a few aspects that could be changed to make the player experience better and the game more enjoyable.

6/6 Make Enemies More Useful

Throughout your playthrough of Wavetale, you'll be fighting a few different types of enemies. These include the small spiders, giant gloom monsters that attack you with a giant hand, bull gloom monsters that charge at you, striders, and the serpent that you can fight during different main quests.

While the number of enemies may make it seem like you have a bunch of combat encounters in the game, this isn't true. All the enemies on land can be defeated in the same manner, which is by constantly slashing at them or performing slam attacks. This can get quite boring and repetitive. Moreover, most of the enemy hordes are optional.

This means that you don't have to fight them to continue the quest unless they have captured a person inside a cage or the game specifically mentions that you have to defeat them. There could be a lot of improvements when it comes to combat in this game, and there can be different techniques to fight different enemies, which will make it more interactive.

5/6 More Collectibles To Explore

Usually, story-based games have a bunch of collectibles that you can get throughout the main story in different hidden locations. The only collectible in Wavetale is the blue journals that you can get. These journals add a page to the memories of your actual journal that has the map, controls, and NPC information as well.

There are around 30-35 journals in total, and they're not even that hard to find. Most of the journals are located in the path you have to follow for the main quest, and there are hardly any that you'll miss if you're paying attention. This makes it quite common for everyone to have all the journals, which takes the fun out of the collectible mechanic.

There can be different relics that belonged to the people who lived before the gloom scattered across the area to make exploration more dynamic. A perfect example of this would be a fishing pole from the times when Doris went fishing with her family.

4/6 Extra Ways To Spend Sparkling

The people in Strandville absolutely love sparks and everything about them. Apart from different sparks that you have to collect to continue the main story, you'll also get a bunch of sparklings that are orange and can be used as money. Also, the NPCs will make a ton of spark-related puns that will prove how important they are.

You'll be able to get over 500 sparklings quite easily if you explore around during your playthrough. Although, the only place you can spend this currency is at Mr. Baine's shop, which offers you different cosmetics, outfits, and hair colors. These items are quite cheap, and you can easily buy them all even though you unlock more as you get to a new region.

Eventually, you will get tired of having many outfits, and there will be no motivation to go for sparkling anymore. There need to be other shops where you can spend this currency to keep the player base interested in the game even after they finish the main story.

3/6 Make Asta Challenges Repeatable

During The Spark Collector main quest, you'll head over to the clock tower where you'll find Asta covered in gloom. After you free her, she'll give you one of the sparks you need in this quest. She will also start appearing at random locations as you go to different areas with a flag symbol on top of her head.

This symbol appears when Asta has a new surfing track that you can try out. These tracks are usually quite hard, and it can take you multiple attempts to finish them. Although, it feels like these challenges are a part of the main story since they take you through a path that you have to follow anyway. Moreover, you can't repeat these challenges.

If you decide to ignore the symbol and come back later to do the surfing challenge, you might not find Asta there anymore. Instead of being limited and one-time, it would be nice if the Asta challenges were like Mr. Baine who would stay in a particular area forever so players can take the challenge whenever they want.

2/6 Allowing Players To Chat With NPCs

Meeting different people is one of the best parts of Wavetale since you get to know more about the people of Strandville and feel less lonely in this gloom-filled world. Although, you can't talk to these people unless they have a quest to give you. Even if you get close to them, the button to talk to them won't appear.

While you can read about them in the journal, it'd be a great addition to the game if players could actually talk to the NPCs, even if it's the same set of dialogues over and over again. It would make them feel a little closer to the beautifully-designed characters.

1/6 Side Quests With More Complexity

Apart from the main quest, you can also get some side quests as you free up different people from the gloom. The only problem is that these quests are very small and limited to a small area. There should be a few quests that take you back to a different region and find an item for the person who gave you the quest.

Moreover, the items you need to find are usually laid out in the path you have to follow for the main quest as well, making the side quests almost insignificant.

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