6 Things Detective Pikachu Is Already Doing Right

Call me crazy, but I think 2019 might be the year we get the first good video game movie — And yes, Mortal Kombat is a wacky, stupid, fun time that I’ve adored since I was eight, seen dozens of times, and own on blu-ray, but if you unironically think it’s a genuinely good movie, please please watch more movies.

1. A Pikachu, Not THE Pikachu

2. Detective Pikachu Can Speakachu (Sorry)

3. Detective Pikachu: He’s a Pikachu AND a Detective

4. Detective Pikachu Isn’t Adapting a Mainline Game

5. Detective Pikachu Is Putting Less Emphasis On Enslaving Adorable Animals And Making Them Fight

6: Detective Pikachu Is One (1) Movie

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