7 Games That Let You Be A Bartender

Anyone who's worked in a customer service job can tell you that the common skills are more than the raw ones needed to do the literal work. It's people skills, the way to elevate a regular experience into something memorable. And if any occupation has that down, it's bartenders.

Making a drink is a skill, sure. But the theatrics of the creation is dazzling. It lures people in, it's enticing. People will feel more comfortable around you, impressed by the skill but also the ease at which you talk. It's the perfect conversation starter. And plenty of games let your bartending shine.

7 The Sims

The Sims is a series with a long history, all of it built around trying to let you live out your ideal life. Or even just a different, mundane life. It's life simulation at its greatest, a touch of intrigue splashed between the mundane. So being a great simulator of life, bars and bartenders can be found aplenty.

In The Sims 4, you can't technically be a bartender, but rather a mixologist. Still, you can get behind a bar and make plenty of drinks that get you and fellow sims buzzed, so we'll call it bartending. As your skills grow, so do your variety of drinks, and in no time your sim will be the life of the party.

6 Genshin Impact

Coming from a reveal that originally had it dubbed a Breath of the Wild clone, Genshin Impact has come a long way, adding various new regions, characters, and gameplay features. There's home-building, minigames, dungeons, and so much more – but maybe the most unexpected was bartending.

Added in the 2.5 update as an event, you get to experience the life of a bartender, creating various brews from coffee and tea to juices and blends. There's quite the variety, and it's a more involved process than just picking the ingredients, having to get the mixing and pouring just right to satisfy customers.

5 Hitman

Agent 47 has been on plenty of adventures across the span of the Hitman games, taking him all over the world to assassinate all kinds of people. But like any proper assassin, disguises are integral, blending into the environment around you, taking out your target before they even knew you were there.

Of course, these disguises require plenty of work, too. For example, Agent 47 is an oddly excellent bartender. While at the fashion show in Paris, he can don the clothes of a bartender and create drinks of his own to serve, such as a Bare Knuckle Boxer. His talents are so great, you could say his drinks are to die for.

4 The King Of Fighters

SNK is a major franchise, housing some of gaming's most iconic characters even if it doesn't get the spotlight nowadays like rival fighting games. One of the most major series within SNK is The King Of Fighters, mainly arcade-based fighting games of many characters vying for a title belt.

So logically, you might be wondering where bartenders fall into this. And well, one of the most famed characters of the series is King, the tuxedo-wearing bartender that's appeared in almost every game. Sure, you can't actually make any drinks with her, but this list never promised that. She is a bartender through and through.

3 VA-11 Hall-A

Maybe the most well-known bartending game out there, and one of the more popular visual novels in the west, Valhalla is a game with a very unique vibe about it. You're a simple bartender just trying to live her life, gaining the money to furnish your room and cover rent all the while having a massive crush on your boss. Oh, and it's set in a cyberpunk future where everything is kinda awful.

It's a game that features quite a variety of characters, and the choice of drinks you offer them is how you build that relationship, rather than strict dialogue choices. It can come off somewhat abrasive, with very blunt humor permeating the whole thing, but it also encapsulates the human experience of bartending better than any other.

2 The Red Strings Club

A lot of games can misunderstand exactly what cyberpunk as a genre is, vying for dazzling lights and prosthetics as a form of dehumanization, truly ignoring the soft assimilation of corporate control into daily life and the true dehumanization that can cause. The Red Strings Club, however, understands cyberpunk.

The game features plenty more than just bartending, though it's one of the major aspects. In this world, the government seeks to remove depression, creating a "perfect" world of happiness and subservience. But like any bartender can tell you, having a drink and letting loose your emotions can be more human than toxic, forced happiness. And in The Red Strings Club, you plan to bring it all down.

1 Tapper (1983)

We can't talk about bartending in games without mentioning the game that started it all. Bartending games are still niche, of course, and many people have never even heard of Tapper, but the influence it had on gaming was monumental. Originally released in arcades in 1983, Tapper was actually sponsored by Budweiser, featuring cabinets with drink holders and actual pub tap handles.

The aim of the game is simple. Tables are lined up with patrons, and you have to get their drinks to them before they run out of patience. But it gets harder as you go, patience wearing thin, and tips at risk if you go out of your way to collect them. And you better make sure you don't drop any mugs, or it's coming out of your life. Literally.

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