7 Sequels PSVR 2 Needs To Win Us Over Next-Gen

PSVR 2 isn’t officially announced yet, but that hasn’t stopped us from thinking up our dream sequels for Sony’s next headset.

We do know that Sony is working on prototypes for a follow-up headset that would run on PS5. The console is due to launch this holiday season, though we don’t expect to see the new VR device this year. PSVR 2 presents a lot of opportunities for Sony to close the gap in the VR market, not just in terms of device specs but also with the power of the device running applications and tracking methods. In many ways, the original PSVR almost feels like a test bed for something more.

The same is true of many of the games we’ve already seen on PSVR. The headset has a ton of great games, but it seems likely developers will be able to push themselves even further with new hardware. With that in mind, here’s seven PSVR 2 sequels we need to see to win us over.

Half-Life: Alyx

Though it’s essentially a prequel, Half-Life: Alyx earns the most obvious spot on this list simply because it already exists and it’s not on PSVR yet. Valve’s long-awaited return to its beloved series didn’t disappoint, offering a full, high-production single-player campaign in which players embodied Alyx Vance and trekked across City 17.

Just as much as PSVR 2 needs Alyx, though, Alyx also needs PSVR 2. So much of the debate around Valve’s big return is concerned with how people can’t afford or don’t want to buy PCs to play it. Having the game running on PS5 would hopefully take some of the hurdles out of that equation (though we don’t have a price for the console yet).

Resident Evil 8

Arguably still PSVR’s most AAA game, Resident Evil 7 remains one of the most intense and terrifying titles you can play in a headset. Sure, its implementation is a little dated, but this is a rare glimpse of what we all want VR to become. Since its release, PSVR fans have watched in agony as not one but two new Resident Evil games have been and gone without VR support.

Change could be coming, though. The rumor is that Resident Evil 8 will return to the first-person perspective that 7 adopted, and will feature characters and concepts from that entry too. Plus, more recent reports say it will support PSVR, too. If that’s the case, expect the series to once again be the crown jewel in the headset’s line-up.

Farpoint 2

The original Farpoint delivered a delightful, if simplistic VR shooter that really had you feeling like a space marine for the first time ever. True, its levels were incredibly linear and its exciting story deserved more attention, but the use of the PSVR Aim controller made for a compelling companion.

The foundations are there for an exceptional sequel, then. Developer Impulse Gear has been hiring for a new project for some time, so we’ve got our fingers crossed we’ll hear news on Farpoint 2 — if not a new IP — in the near future.

Astro Bot 2

Another no-brainer. Astro Bot is currently at the top of our Best PSVR Games list. It is quite easily the most innovative, charming and all-round magical experience you can have inside Sony’s headset. And that’s all incorporating PSVR’s limited tracking tech with the DualShock 4 controller.

Just imagine what the team at Sony Japan Studio could do with an upgraded set of tools, not only to bring the delightful diorama-sized worlds into greater realization but also for fresh gameplay ideas. With DualSense’s improved haptic feedback and trigger resistance the team could go even deeper with some of the amazing mechanics it introduced to us two years ago.

Blood & Truth 2

Even in a post-Half-Life: Alyx world, 2019’s Blood & Truth has a genuine shot at being VR’s best single-player shooter.  Its action-packed campaign, meaty in length and generous on explosions, is an endearing crime caper that makes shooting galleries of the streets of London.

We’d expect Blood & Truth 2 to be a pretty straightforward upgrade; an ideal way to showcase the graphical enhancements that the new platform enables. The original game broke new ground for blockbuster set pieces that were created with VR in mind. All Blood & Truth 2 needs to do is go bigger, better and more badass and we’ll be happy. No pressure!

Gran Turismo 7

We considered putting a Wipeout VR sequel on this list. But, although we’d certainly welcome that with open arms, Sony achieved so much with the original game, we thought better to look to where improvements can still be made. That led us straight to the lackluster PSVR support for Gran Turismo Sport.

Though the game played great with a headset on, you could only drive cars around tracks against one AI opponent or in a time trial. Polyphony Digital itself has said that VR support will be one of the biggest advances in the next generation of consoles, so we’re hoping that Gran Turismo 7 (or 8, if they choose to call it that) fills in a lot of the blanks Sport left open.

The Elder Scrolls VI

Let’s end on a slightly more optimistic hope. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim made for a brilliant translation to VR in 2017, despite originally releasing in 2011. Just imagine what Bethesda could do if it developed the highly-anticipated sixth mainline entry in the series with VR in mind.

A bigger, more detailed virtual world with physics-driven combat and spell-casting? Quests from more convincing NPCs and enemies more intimidating than ever? That’s the Elder Scrolls VI we want to play. Given Bethesda’s support for VR in the past, it could happen. That said, we wouldn’t hold out breath on this one.

That’s our list, but what about yours? What sequels does PSVR 2 need to get you on board? Let us know in the comments below!

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