8 Games To Play If You Like Somerville

Somerville takes you into a post-apocalyptic adventure filled with puzzles and an atmospheric environment. You get a specific experience that many other games will not scratch; however, you can find something similar in some cases if you look in the right place.

Jumpship's debut game gives off vibes to others in its genre of adventure puzzle solvers. Whether you want that similar gameplay, mood, genre, or narrative, you will find something familiar once you finish the story it has to offer. It does not matter what your platform of choice is; there is always something out there that will satisfy a need for a particular flavor that you want to taste.

8/8 Inside

Playdead has an identity to its games with its approach to creating worlds and puzzles for its player base to solve. Somerville has its weird sci-fi world, and so does Inside. Although these worlds differ, the similarities in style and gameplay are striking enough that you should play both.

The 2D puzzle platformer is best going in cold. The events are subtly told, like Playdead's other game, Limbo, but it goes further in its oddball nature with some fantastic twists that turn your brain into mush.

7/8 Limbo

For games similar to Somerville, it would be insulting not to talk about Limbo when Inside was brought up. The predecessor set Playdead's status of 2D puzzle platformers in this spooky black-and-white world of a child going through a dangerous landscape for his sister.

The elements of its spiritual successor are there, but with its simple art style, it manages gruesome deaths and creepy creatures with enough detail to cement itself into your mind while letting you fill gaps with your imagination. These horror elements make it stand out in its genre.

6/8 Little Nightmares

Compared to other games, Little Nightmares (and its worthy sequel) play more with its dimensions than Inside or Limbo. It still offers creepy, nightmarish beings that hunt you down that you need to flee from to survive.

Tarsier Studios delivered a haunting world that makes your cute protagonist, Six, more vulnerable. In that, it is motivating to escape The Maw, the mysterious place you find yourself trapped in, which you must find a way out of. You will need to run, hide, solve puzzles, and maneuver around obstacles to survive to the end.

5/8 Fez

Somerville has some color, but the vibrancy of Fez makes it seem like an unlikely comparison. The art styles and the gameplay differ from what the surface level presents. If you want to think about how to solve puzzles and see how the gameplay evolves over your progress, then you should find yourself a good time.

Fez is about perspective. Rotating the world lets you get new angles to reach your goal, and it tests you to navigate 3D structures from a 2D perspective.

4/8 Stray

The core of what you do in Somerville is navigating a world devastated by aliens. In Stray, it is less about alien annihilation, but you are a cat lost in a sci-fi world trying to get home. The two games broadly share themes and gameplay similarities, like how you think yourself out of situations, jump around platforms, and flee from enemies.

Stray is linear ,with some room to move around to explore. You can interact with robots for side quests and find collectibles. It is a compressed experience, but enough for you to sink hours in as you get lost stepping into the paws of a cat.

3/8 Morkredd

Go into a dark, atmospheric sci-fi puzzle solver with Morkredd. It has that use of shadows and limited view of the environment that Somerville does that lets you see what it wants you to see. You must use your brain here while playing with light and shadows to find solutions.

Being alone in solving puzzles can be daunting for you if it's not a genre you're familiar with. What is helpful about Morkredd that will lead you to the end is that it is co-op. Play with a friend as you put your minds together to complete this mysterious game.

2/8 Deadlight

Deadlight brings more apocalypses, but they are popular for a reason. In this case, it was an event that caused the dead to walk, and now any leftover humans must fight to survive. Zombies might be overdone, but the 2D platformer brings something new to the crowded genre.

Deadlight and Somerville have similar story elements, particularly regarding family. In Deadlight, you go across Seattle to search for your family. Somerville also finds a man searching for his family during an apocalyptic event that has thinned the human population.

1/8 Silt

Silt dives into a different depth of 2D puzzle solvers. Go into the ocean to survive against deadly creatures and solve environmental puzzles. The black-and-white adventure will make you use your brain power as you swim through these puzzles.

There is a mystery element to Somerville with the alien invaders, and the same goes for Silt. The world is filled with never before seen beasts, long-forgotten ruins, and a mysterious story that brought your protagonist onto this journey. You will discover answers alongside your character to put everything into context as you go deeper.

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