8 Hardest Achievements To Unlock In Dead Space

The USG Ishimura isn't a place for the faint of heart. Isaac Clarke and his crew mates learn this firsthand as they come aboard a virtual bloodbath. Whether you're a fan of the original or a newcomer, you will undoubtedly sink your teeth into this remake of the 2008 survival-horror classic with nervous enthusiasm. That means you're going to put poor Isaac through the ringer in order to scoop up all those new shiny achievements or trophies in Dead Space.

Alongside the release of this beautifully grimy remake comes a host of new achievements for you to unlock as you stay alive by severing the limbs of the undead. Some are easy enough. But there is definitely a handful that'll test your mettle.

8 Built To Order

Who knew the life of a futuristic spaceship engineer would be so grisly? In order to win the day, Isaac must pack the heat using the tools and weapons at his disposal. Earning the achievement "Built To Order" means that you must ensure that Isaac grabs and installs all weapon upgrades in the game.

There are seven weapons (aside from one secret weapon you obtain for completing Impossible difficulty) and three upgrades per weapon. If you do the math, that means you have 21 upgrades in total to collect and install at workbenches.

7 Legend Teller

What's even more painstaking than tracking down 21 weapon upgrades? Try hunting for a minimum of 150 logs from the fallen Ishimura crew. There are even more than 150 in the game to collect, but the achievement requires that you at least find 150.

Be sure to check every nook and cranny. Open all lockers and compartments to ensure that you've found everything in a given area. And most importantly, scan all desk and countertop surfaces for those shiny indicators that something collectible is prime for the picking.

6 Front Toward Enemy

This particular accolade can be missed in any given playthrough if you're flying by the seat of your pants. There's a shooting range on the USM Valor during Chapter Nine. Once inside the range, you must activate it to begin the sequence of targets popping up for you to shoot.

But really, that target gallery is all a red herring. The real challenge comes after several seconds when a lockdown occurs and necromorphs swarm the room. You must survive this onslaught in order to claim the achievement, "Front Toward Enemy."

5 Z-Baller

In order to obtain the trophy "Z-Baller," you're going to have to play a little game of Zero-G basketball. But the achievement requirement is far more than scoring a few points. You must complete the sixth level of the game. The area in which you can play is on the crew deck and is available during Chapter Ten.

You'll be putting kinesis to good use here as you aim to shoot baskets in four different goals scoring five points per shot or ten if the particular goal is highlighted. Level Six requires a minimum score of 220 within the given time limit. So move quickly!

4 Reunion

This one is hard simply because of the time it takes to achieve it. The end goal is that you must see the alternate ending to the game. However, the only way to see the alternate ending is to play the game a second time in new game plus. In this second walkthrough, there will now be Marker Fragments (12 in total) that you must find and collect. Once collected, you must place them in designated locations within Captain Mathius' office.

After doing this on your second playthrough, finish the game, and you will receive the alternate ending. This will grant you the "Reunion" achievement.

3 Maxed Out

This is another achievement that requires you to play through new game plus. In order to lock in the "Maxed Out" achievement, you must find all the weapons and weapon upgrades. Then you must fully upgrade them at the workbench. Your suit must also be upgraded fully.

In order to achieve this, you will need almost 200 nodes, which is why new game plus will become a must. Finding credits will be imperative as you will need to purchase several nodes.

2 One Gun

Just like the achievement title "One Gun" implies, you're going to have to play through the entire game using just one gun: the plasma cutter. Let's be honest, the plasma cutter to Isaac is like Excalibur to King Arthur. It's his most iconic weapon, and you're going to have to wield it like a total boss.

So, maybe wait until playing on new game plus so you can ensure the weapon is totally upgraded before heading back into the Ishimura horror. And remember, a single shot of any other weapon will nullify this achievement. Keep in mind that kinesis and melee actions are fine to use and won't compromise this achievement.

1 Untouchable

This is undoubtedly the hardest achievement in the entire game. You will have to beat Dead Space on Impossible mode. This difficulty setting is only unlocked after you beat the game on Hard difficulty. In Impossible mode, the enemy difficulty is at the "Hard difficulty" level. However, you are only allowed one save slot.

Now why only one save slot, you might ask? That's because if you die, that save slot reverts to Hard mode, forcing you to start all over again. That's right, you only get one shot at Impossible mode. Of course, players can attempt to cheese the system by closing out of the game before a death locks in or potentially using their previous backed-up cloud saves to subvert the issue. Still, it all makes for a rather dicey affair.

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