9 Things Only Pro Players Know You Can Do In Dead Space

Resource scarcity and item management are what make survival horror games like Dead Space so great and thrilling. During your playthrough, you take every opportunity to save what you can to make sure you are well-equipped for boss battles and big encounters.

Expert players have found ways to maximize their efficiency and use as few resources as possible while taking out the horrifying Necromorphs. After reading the list below, you should also be able to play just like the experts. In addition to gameplay tips, there also might be some clues about accessing deeper parts of the lore.

9 Bringing Kinesis Objects Into Other Rooms

Kinesis allows you to pick up almost anything in the environment and launch it at enemies. Don't just use it as a last-ditch effort when running low on bullets. Kinesis should ideally be your primary weapon in a battle, as it dispatches enemies quickly.

In fact, you can bring an object with you through doors and on elevators since the whole game world is seamless, with no load times. Bring an explosive barrel with you while walking, and sometimes you can end a fight before it even begins.

8 Use Sticky Floors To Your Advantage

Later areas of the game have sticky floors that you cannot run through. If you get stuck, it can lead to getting hit while running away from a group of Necromorphs. You can turn the tables on them, however.

Maneuver carefully enough and the enemies can get stuck on this floor too, slowly trudging through it while you can get several shots off. Where a lot of the game consists of hallways, there are a few bigger combat arenas where this tactic comes in handy.

7 The Secret Ending

Beating Dead Space the first time isn't the end of the story. To unlock the game's secret ending, you have to initiate new game plus. Once in this second playthrough, you have to collect 12 fragments of the enigmatic Marker and then assemble them in the Captain's Quarters in the game's eleventh chapter.

Beat the game after doing this and you will unlock the game's secret ending, which we won't spoil here. Needless to say, you should do this to learn everything you can about the story.

6 Stasis Kinesis Objects

Stasis is a valuable commodity and an extremely effective tool. You don't want to overuse it for fear of running out of it when you need it most.

To make sure you always have a good supply on hand, take advantage of the containers of stasis lying around to freeze enemies instead of your own stasis module. These containers have what looks like blue electricity buzzing inside them. Just throw them at the enemies, and it has the same effect as your own Stasis.

5 Shoot, Then Stomp

If you are familiar with Resident Evil 4 then you know how handy the knife is when it comes to conserving ammunition. The same goes for the stomp in Dead Space. After cutting off an enemy's legs, they'll still continue to crawl toward you.

If you want to save a bullet or two, you can stomp the rest of the undead life out of them. Just be aware that they might still attack while on the floor, but some stasis will help make this maneuver safer.

4 Using Into Environmental Traps

The Ishimura's state of disrepair makes for a ton of traps that you can easily fall into. However, Necromorphs are not immune to these, and you can use these to your advantage.

Whether the traps be based on flame or electricity, you can save a few bullets and enjoy a show by getting the enemies to walk through these at the right time. Stasis will also help make sure the enemies are in the right position to be destroyed by the trap.

3 Reloading By Upgrading Ammo Capacity

As you already know from playing, you upgrade Isaac's weapons using nodes at workbenches. What you might not have noticed is that when you upgrade ammo capacity the weapon is automatically reloaded to reflect the higher number of bullets in each magazine. With this knowledge in mind, you can upgrade a weapon's ammo capacity when you are low on bullets to get some bonus ammo. Timing these upgrades to take advantage of this exploit is hard, but it is a worthwhile tactic on higher difficulties.

2 Opening Crates In Zero Gravity Without Shooting

Typically, when you find crates on the ship you can just stomp or punch them to break them open. This is not an option when you are flying around in zero gravity. What is the solution then if you don't want to waste valuable ammunition to find what's inside?

You can just use the Kinesis module to slam the crates against walls and reveal what's inside. Getting items is only half the satisfaction; the other half is the act of breaking stuff.

1 Melee Weapons With Kinesis

There are more ways to use Kinesis as an offensive tool than the game lets on. So many objects in the environment are prone to be used as weapons, but some are more effective than others.

Every fan you break turns into a weapon, as you can sling the blade at Necromorphs. The very limbs you shoot off the enemies can be used in a similar fashion to pin enemies against walls. Lastly, various rods and pipes are also deadly when thrown at enemies using Kinesis.

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