A Complete Guide To Romance In The First Mass Effect Game

Mass Effect is a series that forces you to make plenty of difficult decisions. At times you’ll decide the fate of a species or choose which of your friends will die. However, few choices are trickier than picking who you want to romance. Each game supplies you with multiple strong candidates to romantically pursue. Unfortunately, in the first game, you’ll need to use a mod to engage in a same-sex relationship.

Yet, there are still a few good romantic options for each Shepard. The male version of the hero can select either Ashley or Liara, whereas female Shepard can also fall for Liara, but also has Kaidan as an option. It’s also possible to spend some intimate time with an Asari Consort named Sha’ira, yet it’s only a one-time thing. Although deciding who you want to be with is only part of the process, you still have to win their heart, and this guide will show you how.

Beginning The Romance

Regardless of who you’re trying to romance, the process of wooing them is pretty much the same. You need to build up a rapport with your love interest by regularly speaking with them. Therefore, make a habit of talking to your love after pretty much every mission — particularly the significant ones. In the case of Liara, you’ll want to go to Therum to recruit her pretty early into the game, so you get time for these conversations. And even if you’re a Renegade Shepard, try to avoid being a jerk to your future partner.

It won’t take long for the conversations to start getting a little flirty. At this point, you’ll usually have the option of encouraging the playful tone or shutting it down; of course, you’ll want to do the former. When other potential love romantic partners get brought up, make sure your desired lover knows you have no interest in anyone else.

The Love Triangle

It can be difficult to choose between beloved companions. Thus, many fall into the trap of trying to pursue more than one partner.

Thankfully for the promiscuous type, crimes of passion aren’t punished too harshly in the first Mass Effect. However, Liara and one of the humans will confront you and force you to pick between them. During the awkward discussion, you want to avoid any attempt to romance them both, especially if you want to be with a human, as they’ll reject the idea. Instead, make your true preference known at the first opportunity.

Virmire (Not Important If You’re Romancing Liara)

*If you don’t want major spoilers about the Virmire mission, skip the next paragraph and head to the next section. However, be careful with your choices during this mission if you’re trying to romance someone involved.*

For those not concerned about spoilers, you should know that your human love interest can die on Virmire. Luckily, your partner’s fate is entirely in your hands, as at the end of the quest, you get the option of saving Kaidan or Ashley. Of course, you must rescue the one you’re romancing.

Confirming The Relationship

The scene that really confirms your romance occurs toward the end of the game. Shepard will be feeling down after a confrontational encounter with the Council, and their partner comes to comfort them.

In the next conversation, you should pick all of the Paragon dialog options (those at the top of the wheel). Once the discussion is over, you’ll almost embrace before Joker interrupts.

The Big Romantic Moment

If you’ve done everything right in your pursuit of love, then you’ll be rewarded with one final scene late into the game. On route to Illos, your partner will enter your personal quarters and look to get intimate.

You don’t need to go through with the deed, as the romance can continue in the following games regardless. But, if you want a nice romantic ending in the first title, you can choose to get physical by choosing the encouraging dialog options.

The Sha’ira Romance

Plenty of things are hiding on the Citadel, including a steamy romantic encounter with an Asari Consort. The fling with Sha’ira is only a one-time thing, but it still deserves to be mentioned.

To initiate the encounter, you need to meet the Consort in her chambers on the Presidium. Upon talking with her, she’ll give you an assignment to stop Septimus Oraka from spreading lies about her.

Go to Chora’s Den to find Oraka drowning his sorrows. The game makes it hard to fail the quest as it gives you ample opportunity to convince Septimus to stop hurting Sha’ira’s reputation. All you need to do is light a fire under him and remind the guy that he’s a General.

After convincing Septimus to stop spreading lies, you need to go to the embassies and find an Elcor named Xeltan. You must show the big alien proof (given by Oraka) that Sha’ira hasn’t been revealing his secrets as he thought.

Once you’ve dealt with both the Turian and the Elcor, you can return to the Consort. She’ll be grateful for your help and reward you with a gift of words. After she’s done speaking, you can respond with “That’s it?” to get intimate with the Asari.

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