A Crysis Remaster Seems Imminent

Developer Crytek appears to be banking immensely on its CRYENGINE technology, which is highlighted by a video released by the YouTube channel for CRYENGINE. However, while the video shows the evolution of CRYENGINE technology over the past decade, the concluding part of the video shows what could be the makings of a Crysis remake or remaster of some kind.

About a month ago, Crytek released some screenshots showcasing the CRYENGINE graphics engine. Each of the screenshots demonstrated the graphics engine’s ability to render nearly tangible foliage, compelling water effects, and accurate light rays. The screenshots were also suggestive of something in development related to Crysis, though most specifically, a Crysis remake or remaster.

As mentioned previously, a video called “Never stop Achieving” showing what the CRYENGINE has been able to produce over the past decade was released on March 24 was posted to the YouTube channel for the engine. At the end of this video, footage was shown of what appeared to be a Crysis remaster or remake. The video can be seen below.

Just after the video tells viewers to “Never stop Achieving,” the video shows some of what appears to be part of the original Crysis, with the player approaching a cliffside overlooking a familiar, lush island. In fact, the shot appearing in this trailer is identical to that of a screenshot from Crytek last month of the CRYENGINE. It isn’t quite equal in its level of detail, but this seems to be building up to a Crysis remake or remaster announcement.

Of course, a number of other games were presented as those demonstrable of the CRYENGINE’s prowess. These include the other Crysis titles, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, Prey, Evolve, Warface, ShadowSide, and Pandemic Express.

There is little reason to show this Crysis footage at the end of the CRYENGINE video unless there were a remake or remaster in development. EA had made mention of remasters of fan-favorite titles, so a Crysis remaster, given its following, wouldn’t be all that much of a surprise. Further, the footage makes it appear more of a remaster than a from-the-ground-up remake due to its improved, rather than reworked, visuals.

It might be best for Crysis fans to not get their hopes up, but many indicators point to a revisit of the game that started the series.

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