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Get the newest codes for A One Piece Game (spelled with a 0, like A 0ne Piece Game), a brand-new Roblox game that has seen major success this year. It's based, as you can probably guess, on the very popular One Piece anime and manga. Set sail across the oceans, as you explore with characters based on your favorites from the series. Complete quests, earn currency (beli), and unlock cool new items and fighting styles with powerful Devil Fruits.

We check for new A One Piece Game codes regularly! Make sure to check back as new codes are added randomly/at the whim of the dev.

We added new codes on November 1.

All A One Piece Game Codes

Here are the working codes for A One Piece Game in November 2022.

BossStudioOnTopDouble Beli BoostActive (NEW CODE)
XuryDidTheCodesDouble XP boostActive (NEW CODE)
IWANTGEMSDouble gems for 30 minsActive (NEW CODE)
GeckoMoriaDF ResetActive (NEW CODE)
BeheaderDouble XP boostActive (NEW CODE)
HeadlessHorsemanRace resetActive (NEW CODE)
150MVISITSRace ResetActive (NEW CODE)
VENOMRace ResetActive (NEW CODE)
Sub2Boss!Race ResetActive (NEW CODE)
FreeRaceResetRace ResetActive (NEW CODE)
ExtraGems2x Gems for 30 MinutesActive (NEW CODE)
1DollarLawyerActive (NEW CODE)
AMilliActive (NEW CODE)
400Thousand!1 hour of double gem boostActive
400kLikes!Free Race RerollActive
AOPGxBLEACH!Free Race RerollActive
AizenSword2x gems for 30 minutesActive
TaklaBigBoy2x Beli (30 Minutes!!)Active
OzqobShowcaseRace RerollActive
MajyaTvDevil Fruit ResetActive
RaceSpinFree Race RerollActive
390KLIKES!Free Race RerollActive
MochiComing!Free Race RerollActive
SUPERRRRace rerollActive
ThebossYTRace re-rollActive
CyborgSoon!Devil fruit resetActive
360KLIKESFree race rerollActive
CodesWorkISwear2 x gemsActive
JustSublol2 x BeliActive
Sub2Boss!Double xpExpired
Need2Sub!Double gemExpired
SubNeeded!Free race resetExpired
Like4CodesDouble xp for 10 minutesExpired
335KLIKESFree fruit resetExpired
80MILLVISITS!15 minutes of 2x gemsExpired
1MILLION!Double XP BoostExpired

Remember, all Roblox codes are case-sensitive, so make sure to copy the codes out just as you see them above. Copy and paste works fine.

How To Redeem Codes In A One Piece Game

  • The latest update means you now need to be subscribed to the developer's YouTube to redeem a code
  • Subscribe here
  • Then you can redeem codes as normal!

It's really simple to redeem codes in A One Piece Game. Just follow these steps: If your code doesn't work, it could be that a) you entered it incorrectly, or b) you need to check whether it has expired or not. Make sure to copy and paste directly from our list – the codes are all spelled correctly and checked frequently to see whether they still work or not!

How To Get More One Piece Game Codes

The easiest way to keep track of when new codes are dropped for A One Piece Game is to bookmark this page! We check for new codes regularly, so you don't need to. To hunt for codes on your own, we recommended joining the Boss Studios official Discord server, as this is where you can get the latest info on codes, updates, and sneak peeks.

What Are A One Piece Game Codes?

A One Piece Game codes are given out by the developers at Boss Studios to celebrate like milestones and new updates. They expire pretty quickly, so make sure to grab them quickly. The vast majority of codes for the game can be redeemed for Race Rerolls which is essentially a free roll on the in-game gacha "race" system. These races determine your abilities, cosmetics, and gameplay.

What Is A One Piece Game?

A One Piece Game is a brand-new Roblox anime game based on the popular manga, One Piece. You head out into the world to complete quests, earn currency, and upgrade your character. The game is currently still in testing phase but already has a steady average of around 5,000 players enjoying the new content. Check back regularly for updates, as new games typically get a lot of code updates during the first few weeks.

  • How do you get free fruit resets in A One Piece Game? Check our codes out! Sometimes they offer free fruit resets.

Latest A One Piece Game Update

The latest update is the big Update 9. The Water World update!

  • This update brings a new code for a free race reroll
  • New Fighting Style: Cyborg, can be unlocked at Water for 35 billion beli
  • New Race: Cyborg, you need to roll this to actually unlock the Cyborg fighting style
  • New Island: Water 7, a new area to explore on the Second Sea
  • Increased level cap to 5200

You can check out the game's official page here to keep up with info for the game or bookmark this page to jump back to it whenever there are new codes. Here's the most recent update video:

A One Piece Game Discord And Trello

Here are the official links to the game's Discord and Trello board:

  • Trello Board
  • Discord Server

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