A Professional Chocolatier’s Opinion On The Fan-Made Chocolate Nintendo Joy-Con

Nintendo recently released pictures of delicious-looking chocolate Joy-Con and then crushed our appetites by telling us they weren't real. We've had a couple of fun food stories recently, like Jobbie Nut Butter and the BioShock Infinite Bread Boy. One Redditor dared to dream and actually made the tasty Joy-Con. We interviewed a former professional chocolatier to get their take on the end result.

First, we showed them the Nintendo version. "They would actually be very easy to make," they said. "There would be a relatively high cost to make a silicone mold, professionally, or for mass production, a plastic mold. But then after that they’re easy to make en mass."

They believed the main barrier to Nintendo producing this product would be money. "They’d probably lose money if they didn’t do it long term, [but] unfortunately, they’d probably cost like £10 if it’s a limited run."

As for Reddit user jaayjeee's attempt, there are definitely some improvements that could be made. "It looks like they cold have used less chocolate for the buttons where they look a bit smudged," the former chocolatier said. "Also, letting them dry a bit longer before pouring in the white chocolate [would help]. It also looks like the white chocolate is blooming, which is just the fat coming to the surface. [It] means they did it [at] the wrong temp -either tempering the chocolate or where it was cooling."

This was clear a quick mock up from the Redditor, so for a rushed job it looks pretty good, but for those of you wanting to try making these tasty snacks at home, this professional advice should help you end up with a great treat for you and your friends.

According to the former chocolatier, this would be the perfect product for an Etsy seller due to the small scale of on-demand production. Although you'd need to contact Nintendo to get a license.

"If someone has the [Joy-Con] file, and even [without] the 3D model would be easy to make on the computer, all you’d then need to do is use plastic and a food-safe silicone pour to make the negative mold – like they showed in the pictures," the former chocolatier said.

If you want a glossier finish on your chocolate Joy-Con though, make sure you either smooth out the 3D print of the mold or use a resin printer.

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