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Ace Angler: Fishing Spirits' Medal Marine Mania is a theme park that's part Sea World and part Atlantic City. The challenge mode, Shark Fever, is a prime example of this dichotomy.

So, how can you take on Shark Fever without leaving broke? Understanding the rules and details of the mode is essential. Furthermore, there are plenty of ways to use the qualities of the mode's medal game to your advantage.

How To Play Shark Fever


The objective of Shark Fever is to get five shark orbs to fall into the bottom of the medal game machine. Collecting five shark orbs activates a boss battle against a Great White Shark. Winning the boss battle grants huge medal bonuses.


  • Push the medals and orbs off the gacha machine by inserting medals.
  • You can insert one medal at a time or three simultaneously.
  • You win back any medals/balls that drop to the bottom. Any medals or balls falling to the machine's sides are lost.
  • A basket scrolls horizontally at the bottom of the machine. If the basket catches a medal, the slot machine plays. You can stock up to ten plays at a time. A winning spin grants medal bonuses and power-ups.
  • Once you collect five shark balls, the boss battle will commence. You'll only have one cast to reel in the shark. You'll receive a medal bonus added to the medal machine if you win. If you lose, an Evil Great White battle gauge will rise.
  • If the Evil Great White gauge fills, you'll oppose an Evil Great White Shark in the next boss battle. This battle rewards more medals upon victory than average Great White battles.


Fishing controls are the same in Shark Fever. However, these additional controls apply to the medal game:

Left StickMoves Pointer
ZL/ZRInsert One Medal
L/RInsert Three Medals
+/-Pause Menu

Slot Machine Reward Key

You'll see various images flash across the slot machine in Shark Fever. Here is a guide to what each image means.

JackAdd ten medals to the machine.
GnasherAdd twenty-five medals to the machine.
Giant MedalAdd giant medals to the machine. You'll win thirty medals if a giant medal drops to the bottom.
WaveThe pusher extends more than usual, dropping extra medals.
Coral ReefLarge walls emerge on the machine, preventing medals from falling out of the sides.
Ultra ThunderboltAdd ultra thunderbolt orbs to the machine. An ultra thunderbolt gets added to your stock whenever an orb drops.
Shark OrbAdd shark orbs to the machine. Shark orbs that drop to the bottom get you closer to a boss battle.
Evil Great WhiteTrigger an Evil Great White battle without filling the gauge.

How Do Shark Fever Battles Work?

Shark Fever battles have a different rhythm than average Ace Angler boss battles. For instance, you'll only get one cast to reel in the shark. Fortunately, the game casts for you, guaranteeing a shark bite. So, the round officially starts once the shark hooks onto your line.

The gameplay continues as it would when reeling in a Monster class fish, with the following exceptions. Thunderbolts are unlimited, and the number of ultra thunderbolts available depends on how many ultra thunderbolt orbs you bagged in the medal game. Any unused ultra thunderbolts will remain in your stock for the next battle.

Additionally, a support meter builds over time. Gnasher and Jack will provide another ultra thunderbolt when the meter fills.

If you win the boss battle, a large sum of medals gets added to the medal game. So you'll win whatever medals fall to the bottom of the machine. Then, once the machine reaches capacity, you'll win any remaining medals that cannot fit into the machine.

Medal Prizes

If you lose a Great White Shark battle, you'll receive a ticket as a consolation prize. However, you'll receive these medal rewards if you win.

Great White Shark100 Medals
Gold Great White Shark200 Medals
Evil Great White Shark
  • Starting reward is 300 Medals
  • The reward value increases by 100 Medals each time you lose against the Evil Great White Shark.

Tips For Shark Fever

Many of the strategies that work for Monster boss battles in Ace Angler apply to Shark Fever. However, there are several tips you can use to get the most out of the medal game machine.

  • Bring a lot of medals with you: Shark Fever plays like any game in a casino; you'll get as much as you give in. Therefore, it's best to bring at least 200 medals with you. You'll receive big medal drops if you keep feeding the machine.
  • Let the basket come to you: Aiming your medals in anticipation of where the basket will be by the next drop is tempting. Yet, it's not an effective tactic. However, if you keep adding medals to the same part of the machine, a steady flow of drops will occur. In turn, you can guarantee that the basket will catch up to these drops.
  • Form medal walls to save orbs: Unfortunately, it's common for essential items like ultra thunderbolt orbs and shark orbs to fall out the sides of the medal game. However, if you notice these items skewing to the sides, you can deposit medals to enclose the orbs. It's a tactic that will cost you since the medals you add will likely fall out. Still, if you're an orb shy of a boss battle, this makeshift wall will work in a pinch.

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