Ace Combat 7’s 25th Anniversary DLC Planes Arrive In North America

Yesterday, Ace Combat 7 received the free update that added a Casual Easy mode to the game. For players looking to experience the story without needing to worry about avoiding every missile and bullet shot at them, this is the mode for them.

Along with Casual mode, Project Aces had long since promised a brand new paid DLC that added three original aircraft to Ace Combat 7. Those three crafts were teased way back in July when Ace Combat’s 25th Anniversary celebrations kicked off, and again earlier in October when the three aircraft were revealed.

Now those three aircraft have arrived and we’ve got the full details on what each plane comes equipped as their special weapons.

First up, the CFA-22 Nosferatu, from Ace Combat 6 and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. A twin-engined multi-role carrier fighter, the Nosferatu comes with either EML, IEWS, or the all-new (in Ace Combat 7 at least) ADMM.

Ace Combat 6 fans will remember ADMM as the ludicrous super weapons they were. If you wanted Ace Combat to feel almost exactly like Macross, where the hero could fire dozens of super-homing micro-missiles that destroy everything within a 5-mile radius, then ADMMs are basically it.

Next up is the XFA-27, one of the oldest original Ace Combat designs. First seen in Ace Combat 2 and returning in Ace Combat X, Joint Assault, and Assault Horizon Legacy, the XFA-27 comes with the SOD, IEWS, and the returning Multiple-Launch Standard Missiles (MSTM).

Last, but not least, is the ASF-X Shinden II from Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Originally developed by Macross creator Shōji Kawamori, this V/STOL next-gen craft has an extremely forgiving stall speed, allowing pilots to perform maneuvers that would be impossible for other aircraft.

The Shinden is designed as a replacement for the F-2A, so it comes equipped with your choice of 6AAMs, RKTs, or LASMs.

The 25th Anniversary Original Aircraft Series DLC is available now for Ace Combat 7 owners on every platform the game is played for $11.99 USD.

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