ActRaiser composer hints at sequel as game celebrates 30th anniversary

Beloved SNES game ActRaiser is 30 years old this week and its composer thinks a new sequel is still a possibility.

It may not be the most famous SNES game ever made but ActRaiser was certainly one of the most imaginative, mixing traditional 2D action platforming with Populous style strategy sections.

Thanks to its unusual gameplay, and excellent graphics and soundtrack, it quickly grew a cult audience that persists today but the only sequel there’s ever been is the disappointing ActRaiser 2, which didn’t have any of the strategy elements of the first game.

Last year’s would-be spiritual sequel SolSeraph was even worse and seemed to make the chance of an official sequel even less likely, but perhaps not according to composer Yuzo Koshiro.

In an interview for the game’s 30th anniversary, by Japanese magazine Famitsu, Koshiro was asked mainly about his work on the soundtrack.

He also talked about how the game was still gaining new fans today though, thanks to retro livestreams, and stated that there are a lot of people who wanted a sequel.

‘If we can make that happen, I think there will be a lot more new fans of ActRaiser’, he said. ‘So I hope that will happen.’

Whether he’s speaking purely from his own point of view or knows about some move within Square Enix to make a new sequel is unclear, but it seems to be more than just a vague hope that there’s another game.

At the very least we’ve got a new arrangement of the stage one soundtrack out of him, which is already more of a celebration than we would’ve expected for the anniversary.

Koshiro is still active in the video game music scene and recently provided a track for Streets Of Rage 4, as well as well as the menu music for the Mega Drive Mini and SolSeraph.

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