Adverts For The Super Mario Bros. Movie Show A Ton Of New Footage

The new trailer we got for The Super Mario Bros. Movie just a few days ago seems to have opened the marketing floodgates, as several new adverts have popped up, revealing even more footage.

Two days ago, Nintendo shared the second trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, showcasing Peach, Donkey Kong, and more. It's the most detailed look we've had at the film yet, but it seems like it was just the beginning as more unseen footage has been spotted since the trailer was revealed.

As spotted by YouTuber Matyas, the new footage comes courtesy of two adverts, one Spanish and another Dutch. The Dutch advert has English voices, while the Spanish one is entirely in Spanish and has been subtitled by Matyas.

Let's start with the Dutch trailer for now. It opens up by showing Mario and Toad's first meeting, with Toad confirming to Mario that he's not dreaming. We then get to see Mario and Toad exploring the Mushroom Kingdom, including using Coin Blocks and Warp Pipes. We actually get to see Mario going through the pipe here and it looks a little different to the more ethereal look it had in the most recent trailer. Perhaps it's something to do with the Warp Pipe being a translucent one, or because it's not being used to travel between worlds.

This advert ends by showing Mario getting a little bit used to the Warp Pipes and how they work. Beyond showing some more of the Mushroom Kingdom, this advert is most notable for letting us hear a little bit more of Pratt's take on Mario. It's obviously very similar to his normal voice, but he does sound a bit more animated here.

The second advert is in Spanish and has a lot of unique footage compared to the other trailers. This one opens by showing Mario encountering a terrifying-looking Bramballs when he first enters the Mushroom Kingdom. We then see more of Bowser's Kingdom, which Toad refers to as "the Kingdom of Shadows" and confirms that Luigi has ended up as a prisoner there.

After that, we get to see Peach showing off her castle to Mario along with a few new shots of Bowser interrogating Luigi by pulling on his mustache. The most interesting shot of the whole advert comes towards the end, where we get to see a much more confident Mario who has managed to ace the training course and goes to give Bowser a big slam dunk like he does in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Although that punch is pretty iconic to Mario, the fact that he uses it here and when fighting against Donkey Kong might imply that he's actually training to fight him during this sequence. It would explain why the arena that Mario and Donkey Kong fight in also has platforms for the two to jump around on.

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