Age of Calamity: All Akkala Citadel Korok Seed Locations

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity doesn't end when you complete the story mission. Far from it! There's tons of content to take in after that, including a special secret ending, a new character, and Korok Seeds to find.

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The first time you visit the Akkala Citadel – during the mission "Akkala Tower" – everything is peachy. There are some enemies attacking, sure, but not so many as to be a real problem. It'll be much less stressful to collect the Korok Seeds on this map than when the entire area is on fire in the later quest. This guide will walk you through where each Korok is hiding.

Research Station Korok Seed

Right at the start of the mission, turn around and don't progress into the enemies. There's a stone outpost behind you with a relic inside of it. Right beside the relic, there's also a little Korok pinwheel.

Northern Battlefield Korok Seed

After fighting a few blademasters, you can progress further north. Don't turn towards the citadel yet. Instead, send a hero to the far north. You'll progress through mostly empty regions before passing through an outpost into the farthest north area. On the right-hand side right after the gate, there's a Korok flower.

Feel free to leave this hero on this side of the map – they'll need to be here soon.

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Autumn Forest Korok Seed

As one hero is progressing north, order another hero to go southeast. In the upper part of the farthest southeast region, there's a Korok tree stump to interact with.

Once again, feel free to leave this hero on this side of the map.

Sooga Fight Korok Seed

Continue to push for Akkala Citadel with your third hero and then activate the relics to allow the little white Guardian to let you inside. Once you enter, head left towards the quest marker. You'll need to fight Sooga.

Once you've beaten him, head up the nearby wooden stairs and look for the glowing light in the floor. Interact with it and find a Korok.

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Balcony Korok Seed

After this, return to the main foyer where you entered the Citadel and head south instead of north this time. Push through the opponents east and then south again.

You'll enter an outdoor area – head for the cannons on the western balcony to interact with a pinwheel and find a Korok.

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