Alinity Has Been Suspended From Twitch

The end of the wild 24-hour Alinity nip-slip saga has finally come to a close with the confirmation that the controversial female streamer has officially been suspended from Twitch.

Alinity Devine, more popularly known by her handle “Alinity”, made headlines last night when she accidentally flashed her audience while streaming Just Dance on her channel. While trying to stuff what appears to be a pillow under her skirt and shirt, the 30-year-old Twitch streamer revealed her left breast to the camera. Though she appeared to be shocked by the incident and deleted the clip from her channel immediately, it didn’t stop viewers from sharing the clip far and wide on the interwebs.

While Alinity did not receive any immediate repercussions from Twitch, the controversial streamer did incite uproar in viewers who expressed their annoyance and frustration over the platform’s continuously lax attitude towards her. This is far from the first time Alinity has broken Twitch’s Terms of Service, which strictly prohibits full or partial nudity on stream. Just last October, she found herself in hot water when she accidentally revealed her underwear during a stream. Other past infractions include abusing her pets, giving her cat alcohol, humping her dog, and saying the N-word while streaming – all actions that never led to any sort of disciplinary action from Twitch.

However, that’s all changed, as Alinity has just announced she has officially been suspended from Twitch.

Despite her suspension from the platform, Alinity appears to be taking this in stride, even posting a cheeky “celebratory” tweet thanking and congratulating her fans. “Our hard work finally paid off,” she says, accompanied by a gif of her smiling and clapping her hands.

The news also comes just a few hours after Alinity announced she was giving herself a three-day ban from Twitch. Given that the act of “suspending yourself from Twitch” isn’t a real thing, her announcement just added fuel to an already hot fire.

However, now that Twitch has officially intervened, it appears all that angry discourse and Alinity’s “self-suspension” was all for naught.

The suspension has already gone into effect, as Alinity’s Twitch channel is no longer available. It is currently unknown how long Alinity’s Twitch suspension will last.

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