All Hitman 3 Chongqing And Mendoza Door And Keypad Codes

Killing someone in Hitman 3 is the easy part, whether you wish to use a knife, a gun, or set up some kind of elaborate game of Mouse Trap in which you flick a single domino and watch a house of cards come crashing down. I may have mixed my metaphors a little bit there, but you know what I’m trying to say: killing is easy for a trained killer. Figuring out a door code is a fair bit harder.

I’m not trying to insinuate that Agent 47 is stupid – clearly, he is bald because his big brain has pushed out all of his hair follicles – but he certainly could do a better job of figuring out the important things. That’s why the keypad codes for doors, safes, and more, are often the most difficult part of the game to figure out. Sure, some of them are written in the exact same room on a piece of paper, but others are well hidden and you’ll need to do a darn good job of seeking them out. Which is why we’re here to help.

We have already noted down all of the codes you need to get through Dubai and Dartmoor, and in this guide, we’re going to break down every single code you need to make your way through Chongqing and Mendoza. Good luck out there, agent.

All Keypad Codes During The Chongqing Mission In Hitman 3

There are six different places to enter a code during the Chongqing mission, but there are only actually two codes to find. Once you know them, you no longer have to worry about running around looking for solutions. All you need to do is enter the codes below…

ICA Door Code

This code will work for the facility door, the apartment door, and even the laundromat door. If you wait around outside the facility door – likely the first locked door you come across – you’ll find a woman talking aloud trying to remember the code. She’ll eventually say 0118, which is the correct code and this will work across the three separate keypads.

Lab And Arcade Code

This code will work across the lab area of Chongqing – they really need to start differentiating their codes, having just two for the entire facility seems a bit foolish. Not like Agent 47 is complaining. This code is written on a board where you will meet Hush – 2552. Again, this will open three separate doors, giving you excellent access to the facility. Easy.

All Keypad Codes During The Mendoza Mission In Hitman 3

Another two codes can be found in Mendoza. At least these are only usable for one keypad each – a bit more secure than Chongqing.

Laser Fridge

You’ll get this code from another loud conversation involving a nearby guard – the code is the year World War II concluded. I’ll save you scouring Wikipedia: it’s 1945.

Villa Basement

Dive into the basement and you’ll find a safe. The code for this, according to yet another foolish guard, is the years the Yates couple married. Hitman 3 takes place in modern-day 2021, and the Yates were married 15 years ago, so the code is 2006. This particular puzzle may become more obtuse in years to come…

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