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Ikki is the cool and popular love interest option in Amnesia Memories. As a love interest, you will get the chance to know him while remembering your lost memories. If you are struggling to get the ending that you want on Ikki's route, we are here to help.

In this guide, we are going to go over a complete walkthrough of Ikki's route. This will include some basic tips, as well as every correct answer to get his good ending. Additionally, if you are aiming to complete every bit of content in the game, we will take a look at how to get his normal and bad endings.

Choosing Ikki

To become Ikki's love interest, you will need to choose the Spade World. This choice happens when you are speaking to Orion in the prologue of the game.

Selecting Spade World will set you on track to wake up as Ikki's love interest.

Tips For The Spade World

Prior to going over the correct answers, let's take a look at some basic tips to get through Ikki's route. First, as with every route in the game, don't be rude. This will lower your trust and affection, which can potentially lead to a bad ending.

If it's your first time playing through Ikki's route, we recommend going for the good ending. This may not be possible on the first try, but you can still aim to increase trust and affection through your answers.

Ikki's real name is Ikkyu, but throughout the story, you will have a few options to call him 'Ikki'. Typically, he tends to like when you call him his nickname; when you do, he may even start blushing.

Overall, your goal is to build a bond with Ikki without being too suspicious.

Route Walkthrough For The Good End

Now, let's take a look at every correct answer in the Spade World that brings you to the Good End. This table will only consist of the date and the answers, so you won't find any plot-related spoilers.

Your choices don't affect the story prior to Ikki calling your phone. When it's just you and Orion looking around your room, you can choose any answer.

DayCorrect Answers
August 1
  • Where would you like to go?
  • Yes, I'll go.
  • I would break up with him for sure.
  • You should have ignored those other girls.
  • You're a little too close.
  • I’m okay.
  • Could you walk me to work tomorrow?
  • Any option.
August 2
  • I'm sorry, I'll get ready quickly.
  • Yes, please.
  • Good morning, Ikki.
  • I'll eat toast or something light.
  • I'm sorry, I'll try to hurry.
  • The customer is the enemy!
  • Welcome back, Master.
  • I understand, Masters.
  • 2 coffees and 1 tea.
  • Um… I can stand by myself.
  • See you tomorrow, Ikki.
  • Actually, I'm not feeling well…
August 3
  • I think we crossed the railroad.
  • Yes, sir.
  • No, it's okay.
  • Ikki…?
  • Ikki…?
August 4
  • Got it. I'll stay away from him.
  • I do want him to stop.
  • It's okay. Don't worry about me.
August 5
  • …It's still a secret.
  • Let's chase him.
  • Any option.
August 6
  • Oh right, I did forget. What a surprise…
  • What a surprise…!
  • It’s okay, don’t worry about it.
  • What rumors have you heard?
August 7
  • Are you ready for the 19th?
  • Do I know them?
August 8
  • Any option.
  • A month left for what?
  • Okay, I'll wait.
  • I'd be okay holding hands…
  • Can I ask about Mine?
  • Do you dislike me, too…?
  • I wouldn't confess.
August 9
  • Please stop!
  • I'd definitely like to go.
  • You can choose every option, and the order does not matter.
  • Any option.
  • Any option.
  • I, um…
  • Maybe he feels lonely living alone.
August 10
  • Good for you.
  • …I'm sorry.
  • Um, you're a little close…
  • …The fireworks are pretty.
  • …Go right ahead.
August 11
  • I'm going out with Ikki…
  • What do you know?
  • He told me to watch out for resentful people.
  • A Passionate Affair
  • No, I wouldn't dislike it…
  • Yes, I'm free.
  • I think I'm okay for now.
August 12
  • How many people were going on the trip?
  • …I can't say more than I said before.
August 13
  • Who are you?
  • (Orion, where are you…?)
  • (Who is that man…?)
August 14
  • He's my brother!
  • Thank you, Ikki. That'd be nice…
  • Do you like me, Ikki?
  • Well… Okay, then.
August 15
  • I think he's liked me from the start.
August 16
  • I'll do my best!
  • Don't worry, I'm plenty prepared.
  • …Okay, just wait a little while…!
  • Um, I'm changed and in bed now.
August 17
  • Is there something wrong?
  • Should I go over there…?
  • …What happened?
  • Do you feel better with me around…?
August 19
  • I'll watch a little more.
  • I'll pass.
  • You can stay.
  • Are you sad you can't participate?
August 20
  • …They only worked at first.
  • Not right now.
  • This voice…
  • I don't believe it anymore.
August 21
  • (…I'll wait until later.)
  • Any option.
  • Please tell me your reasons.
August 22
  • Yeah…
August 23
  • I won't know if you don't explain it.
  • …Why are you so mad?
August 24
  • Ikki will be late.
  • What should I do?
August 25
  • I'm sorry, but I'm working now…
  • …I think I'm in love with Ikki.
August 26
  • And if your eyes worked on me…?
  • …You're special to me, too.
August 27
  • I don't want to go…
August 28
  • …Could you give me a hug?
August 29
  • I was interested in their club activities…?
  • How long have you known Rika?
  • …Rika threatened me.

Normal Ending

Ikki's normal ending will occur if you maintain low suspicion, while not having the highest trust or affection.

Overall, you will want to follow along with the good ending answers, including saying that you are in love with Ikki on August 25.

On August 27, rather than saying that you don't want to leave, it's important to say that you haven't decided yet. This will help set you on course for the normal ending.

We recommend creating several save files, so you can go back to certain points in time in attempt to get new endings.

Bad Endings

There are three bad endings associated with Ikki. Let's take a look at each one below.

Bad End One

This ending will occur when you raise your suspicion while lowering trust and affection. This is pretty straightforward; just answer wrong whenever possible.

Bad End Two

Rather than answering everything wrong, Bad End Two occurs when you answer just a few questions incorrectly.

On August 20, you will want to answer the following questions when prompted with a choice to approach Ikki.

  • Yes.
  • Yes, I'll try.
  • Any option

The story will end here instead of continuing on through August.

Bad End Three

Lastly, we have Bad End Three. This ending is quite simple to obtain.

From the beginning of the month until August 25, you will want to answer everything correctly. Once you get to this day, choose the following answer.

  • I don't dislike him, but…

This will bring you to the third bad ending. Overall, this ending is a one-sided love.

That's all there is to know about Ikki's route in Amnesia Memories! The image gallery will still have a missing photo after you complete each ending. This will unlock as you complete the hidden fifth route of the game, which becomes available once you do all four main routes.

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