Amnesia: Rebirth – Alchemist’s Laboratory Puzzle Guide

In the 100 years between The Dark Descent and Amnesia: Rebirth, more than just the monsters stalking you have evolved. Possibly just as frightening are the puzzles this game has up its sleeve, fully capitalizing on the cryptic and alien locations you will find yourself in when you make it into the Alchemist’s Laboratory. If you’re feeling as helpless as Tasi in solving this puzzle, we’ll help illuminate things for you.

Alchemist’s Laboratory Puzzle Guide In Amnesia: Rebirth

Once you enter the area, your first step is to go into the room straight ahead and pick up the glowing pyramid looking device off the floor. Carry it a few steps back into the center room to light up the door on the left side of the room, allowing you to activate the button and go inside.

Use the next button to lift the gate into a room with a ton of other strange objects you can ignore for now. Instead go right through another gate find the glowing desk on the right. Toss the lid off the orb on the table and grab it to trigger a small scene. Do a 180 from there and grab another pyramid off the other desk and carry it back into the room with all the objects. Make sure you walk it far enough in that it shoots out two beams of light, one orange and the other white.

Exit this room the way you first entered and follow the hall to the right, taking the first door on your left out onto a big balcony. Walk all the way to the bottom and pull the lever where the blue cable connects and pull out the canister type thing. While still on this lower level, grab another canister from a pedestal surrounding the circular area.

Retrace your steps back to the primary room and toss out the broken canister from the device on the floor, replacing it with the two you have in your inventory. While you’re at it, clear the cubes off the top of it as well and throw the pyramid up on top. Now, looking through the grate in the direction the pyramid’s light is shining, you will see three symbols on the far wall you need to remember. Input them on the main panel in this room. When you get it right, press the yellow button on top and beams of light will hit the three triangles and one sphere ahead of you.

Pull the lever on the center, spherical, pedestal to open it up so you can plop in the orb you picked up earlier. With this in place you can now activate the device you put the cannisters and pyramid on before. Once you do, hit the lever again to pull out the orb, which now shows you a vision of the doctor.

From here you’re free to leave, but be ready to run. You’ll need to make a mad dash back to the outer room and use your amulet to enter the rift, taking you out of the Alchemist’s Laboratory and on to the next stage of the game.

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