Among Us Fans Are Making Their Own Unique "Crewsonas"

Among Us has been a surprise success, exploding in popularity two years after its release. In fact, dedicated Among Us fans are now creating their own “Crewsonas” to be closer to the game.

InnerSloth—the developers of Among Us—recently tweeted out that they have been extremely happy to see the number of people playing the game. Of course, the team of three mentioned that they didn’t expect the traffic that the game is attracting, which has led to prioritizing server performance over anything else. That’s not to say that the game is staying the way it is, because it won’t. The team is planning to release more content—including additional customizations.

That content can’t come soon enough for some fans, though, as several amateur artists have taken to creating their own “Crewsonas,” which they are sharing on Twitter.

The term “Crewsona” is a clever way to combine the idea of a persona—the aspect of someone’s character that is presented to others—and the game’s “Crewmate” designation for players. Since the in-game characters are only distinguishable by color (or maybe a hat or pet), it helps to have something a little more interesting to immerse yourself in the game’s setting.

If you haven’t played Among Us, it’s a game of cat and mouse, where there are one or more “imposters” among a crew of astronauts. These imposters are out to kill the entire crew, so it’s up to everyone else to get rid of the imposters first. The game ends when the imposters are found or the entire crew dies. It all leads to some wild experiments in social interaction. It’s not uncommon for an imposter to kill someone and accuse a witness of the crime, hoping to sow confusion and paranoia among the rest of the players.

InnerSloth said that, due to limitations at the time, they were unable to use more than the existing player colors to differentiate between crewmates. The team implied that they have some ideas to help provide more variety that is not dependent on color, both for the sake of accessibility and increasing player options. There is no word on when that work will be completed, but it is on the way. In the meantime, we’re happy to look at the creative fan art.

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