Among Us: The Skeld Task Guide

While most tasks in Among Us are self-explanatory, others require a little more imagination. What’s with the task with those two rows of numbers? Or the one with the flashing keypad?

Well, wonder no more. Here’s our guide to every task in The Skeld!

Short Tasks

Unlock Manifolds

This task is in Reactor. Players will see two rows of five buttons. Each button has a number, and players will need to press them in numerical order to complete this task.

Swipe Card

This common task requires players to take their ID card from their wallet and swipe it through the reader in Admin. As a common task, if Swipe Card shows up as a task, all players will have it. If it doesn’t, then no players will have it and Imposters will need to plan accordingly.

Align Engine Output

The Skeld has two engine rooms adjacent to the Reactor. Align Engine will have players move the engine up or down until it aligns with the dotted line in the middle of the screen. Players with this task will always need to do both engine rooms.

Calibrate Distributor

This Electrical task requires players to stop a node rotating around a ring when it reaches the center of the ring’s rightmost point. Players will need to do this correctly three times. If they make a mistake, they will need to restart the task from the very first ring.

Chart Course

Players will need to drag the spaceship icon through four points on the map along the dotted line.

Clean O2 Filter

Drag six free-floating leaves into the disposal chute.

Divert Power

This two-step task requires players to interact with an electrical panel in either Electrical or Reactor and push a slider upwards. The slider will be conveniently marked with another location on The Skeld that players will need to visit to flip a corresponding electrical switch.

Prime Shields

Interact with a panel in Shields and press the red hexagons in an arrangement of seven until all hexagons have lit up. This is a visual task, and Crewmates can check the task’s completion status by looking at the row of lights outside of shields.

Stabilize Steering

In this Navigation task, players will interact with the Navigation console and move the crosshairs into the center of the task panel.

Long Tasks

Clear Asteroids

A long but helpful visual task where players will interact with the gunner’s seat in Weapons and shoot down asteroids flying across the screen by clicking or tapping them. Missing is perfectly fine, as players only need to destroy 20 asteroids total, but the task’s completion time will depend on the player’s accuracy. If visual tasks are on, observers can see the guns firing.

Fix Wiring

Drag each left-hand wire to the right-hand wire with a corresponding color. This is a three-stage common task, and players who receive this task during a round will have to dart around three rooms in The Skeld to finish it.

Empty Chute/Garbage

These tasks are functionally the same, the only difference being the locations. Players with the Empty Chute task may need to start in O2. If players have Empty Garbage, they’ll start in Cafeteria. In both cases players will need to interact with a trash chute, hold the chute’s lever down until it is clear of trash, then head to Storage to repeat the process and eject the trash into space.

Fuel Engines

Players with this task will need to go to Storage, interact with the gas canister beneath the stack of crates, and hold the refill button down until the canister indicator is full. Players will then need to transport the fuel to either one of the Engines and repeat the process to refuel the other Engine.

Inspect Sample

This MedBay task requires players to interact with a machine to automatically fill five test tubes with sample fluids. Players will then need to step away for a full minute. After the minute is over, interact with the machine and press the green button beneath the red anomaly sample to complete the task.

Start Reactor

This task brings up two panels. A blue block on the left panel will flash, and players will need to press the corresponding button on the right-side keypad, initiating a sequence of flashing blocks that players have to correctly input. Failing at any stage will reset the sequence. Emergency meetings and reported bodies will not cause players to lose progress on this task.

Submit Scan

Players with this task will step on the scanner in MedBay and wait for a holographic indicator to pass over their character’s body. This process takes about 10 seconds. As this is a visual task, it’s a good way to confirm whether players are Crewmates.

Upload Data

Players will need to find a Wi-Fi panel at any location on the ship and stand completely still without interacting with anything until their download completes. Then, players will have to travel to Admin and repeat the process. Each download will take just under 10 seconds.

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