Amouranth Talks About Her "Creepy" Streaming Experiences

The popular content creator Amouranth recently opened up about her “creepy” streaming experiences, describing how she managed to make a career off her image by curating suggestive content. Amouranth is currently one of the most watched female streamers on any platform and a highly controversial figure, suffering numerous bans and suspensions during her time on Twitch.

The news comes from an interview by Rolling Stone. When asked about why she started producing suggestive content, Amouranth said that “even before I started streaming, I realized guys would sexualize girls just out and about in public and you aren’t able to do anything about it. So if guys are going to do this to you, you might as well make the bag if you’re comfortable doing that.” The content creator went on to describe how she attracted a lot of unwanted attention during some of her out of studio streams.

Amouranth talked about being photographed without consent while streaming from her phone. “In selfie mode, I see guys taking behind me pictures when I’m grabbing something on the lower shelf and they don’t realize I’m streaming. It’s really creepy,” she noted. Amouranth said that such unwanted attention is what gave her the idea to build a career off her image in the first place.

The streamer said that switching from Twitch to OnlyFans was largely about empowerment. She described the platform as a "much safer environment” than Twitch, adding that “you get well compensated for it. It feels like you’re taking the power back rather than being a victim.”

“I see it as the route with the least friction for monetization,” Amouranth previously said about the platform. “The stigma issue with it being OnlyFans wasn't really too big a factor. As a streamer, even before OnlyFans, I was subject to a lot worse.” Amouranth recently founded her own “e-girl agency” in order to support “all the women who are interested in us helping them to streamline, optimize, and help provide assistants, editors, etc. for their content creation and fan site businesses.”

The streamer took to Twitter last week to attribute her success to the “haters” who tried to drag her down. Amouranth described how “a huge part of my success is literally the haters telling me it’s all gonna come crashing down when I get older,” adding that “it’s driven me to work harder than I could have previously mustered, lead to the hiring of staff who essentially help keep me pushing and maintaining my forward trajectory.”

Amouranth is currently planning to leave OnlyFans, a platform which apparently made her more than $1 million a month. The streamer mentioned that her various investments in real estate and small businesses have now surpassed her income from streaming. “All the trolls telling me I’d be broke one day led to me saving pretty much everything I make and pouring it into investments,” she said on Twitter.

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