Angry Birds 2 Gets A Bizarre Crossover Event With Duolingo

That’s right. it’s the crossover we’ve always needed in our lives. Watch out, Angry Birds 2 is (not really) about to get educational.

Angry Birds is the franchise that just keeps on giving. The original title became a sensation out of nowhere, spawning all manner of sequels, movies, and merchandise. It’s not surprising that it did, either, as it sports all the traits we now recognize as the hallmarks of mobile gaming success: the simple, addictive touchscreen play, the highscores to shoot for, stars to collect, accessibility that strikes a chord with everyone… the franchise has it all.

We’re all familiar with the Angry Birds setup. Those pesky pigs are situated in the playing area, amid a range of debris that you have to work your way around in order to hit your porcine targets. You slingshot your arsenal of birds towards them (they have a range of effects on impact, depending on the specific bird fired) to deal with them as efficiently as possible, which is where the stars come in.

Of course, there are lot of variants on the basic premise available by now, but that’s pretty much the gist. If there’s one thing they all have in common, though, it’s this: it’s not exactly highbrow stuff. If that’s ever been a concern of yours, you don’t need to worry any longer: Duo, the feathery mascot of Duolingo, is coming to class the Angry Birds proceedings up a little. Are you ready for some edutainment?

That’s right, friends. As Pocket Gamer reports, a bizarre new crossover sees Duolingo (the educational app that helps users learn a new language) and Angry Birds 2 come together. For one month only, you’ll be able to fire Duo at those pigs (to ‘remind them to practice,’ naturally) in Angry Birds 2, while the hot-tempered Red will appear in Duolingo to… well, presumably be entirely unhelpful while you’re trying to focus on learning.

We don’t know how this inexplicable union came about, but it sounds like a completely ridiculous and brilliant time nonetheless.

Source: Pocket Gamer

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