Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Make A Fruit Orchard

The beauty of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to create your own dream island. With the brand new Terraforming tool introduced in the game, you can even alter the layout of your island. Since the game was released in 2020, fans have been making all sorts of awesome things on their islands.

This is a game where your imagination can be allowed to run wild. Some players have made incredible Dream Islands that other players can visit. However, sometimes you want the more simplistic things for your island. This guide is going to teach you how to make your very own ascetically pleasing and profitable fruit orchard.

Why Is An Orchard A Good Idea?

It costs a lot of Bells (the game currency) to be able to buy the things you want in the game. It costs Bells to purchase clothes, furniture, and even island enhancements. There is even a really cool trick that will let you cultivate and grow money trees!

This is where having an orchard comes in. You will be able to shake the trees once they have fruit on them and sell the fruit for a very good price at the shop.

Fruit that is not native to your Island will sell for more, so having an Orchard of non-native fruit will be more profitable.

Also, for those who like an organized island, it is useful to have the fruit all in one area — and it just looks nice.

Step 1 – Collecting Your Items To Make A Fruit Orchard

You will need a Shovel to create an orchard.

You will need to gather a lot of your chosen fruit. (You can collect more fruit at another time and make the orchard a gradual work-in-progress.)

Step 2 – Choosing Your Orchard Area

To create a pleasing and profitable orchard, you should try to find a spot on your island that is quite big and that you want to use for this purpose.

In this guide, the orchard has been created on a mid-level cliff that had been slightly expanded through the Island Designer App, also known as Terraforming among fans.

If you wish to put your Orchard on a cliff and have unlocked the Terraforming option, you can use this to expand the area to make it more suitable for trees. You may also need to move cliffs and/or water around to create the shape you want, all of which require the Island Designer tool.

If you have not unlocked it yet, do not worry — you can create an orchard without it (skip to step 3) or you can find out how to unlock Terraforming with our guide.

If you choose to do some Terraforming, open your Nook phone and choose the Island Designer App.

You can purchase the Cliff Building and Waterscaping tools for the Island Designer app from the Nook Terminal. You will need to use your Nook Points.

If you are building on a cliff, then your orchard will be better off on one that is quite large. Also, the app will allow you to move bodies of water if they are in your way.

Step 3 – Preparing The Area And Planting Your Fruit Trees

Next, you need to equip your Shovel. If you do not have one, you can craft one, or buy one from Timmy and Tommy at the shop.

Then, you can go to the area that you have chosen for your orchard. You should clear the area of any objects that will get in the way.

Don’t worry! You can add these back in later if you want to.

Use your Shovel to dig holes to plan out where you are going to plant your fruits.

You must remember that trees planted too close together will not grow, so leave a decent amount of space between them. Each tree needs at least one tile of space between itself and the next one over. In this image, the holes are two tiles apart.

If you are not happy with the layout of your Orchard you can always try again somewhere else before planting the trees.

Once you are happy with your layout, you should stand next to one of your holes. Then you can go into your pockets and highlight a piece or pile of fruit.

You can then click on it and choose the “Plant 1” option. Your character should plant the fruit within the hole you are standing next to.

Depending on the size of your Orchard, it can take a while to plant everything.

Step 4 – The Long Wait

It will take your fruit trees a few days to mature if you have planted them correctly.

If they are not growing, you have probably planted them too close together. 

Day one: On the day you plant them, they will look like this:

Day 2: They should be slightly smaller than you.

Day 3: The trees will be slightly bigger with two bushy bits on them.

Day 4: The trees will look like proper trees now! There will be no fruit, though.

Day 5: You will have fully grown fruit trees with fruit on them already!

At this point, you can shake the trees and the fruit will fall off. It will then grow back again over the course of multiple days, with one fruit growing at a time. Native fruit seems to grow back over the course of three days, but many players report that non-native fruit takes a bit longer.

Step 5 – Enhancing Your Orchard

Many fans of the game agree that it is beautiful to look at, so why not make your orchard beautiful too? You can add a fence of your choice around the perimeter or even your own statues. However, for this guide, you will learn to make a flower border.

You will need a Shovel and you will need some flowers, either seeds or some that have already grown.

You can buy flower seeds from Leif, Timmy and Tommy, or you can steal fully grown ones from other parts of your island, mystery island tours, or ask friends/other players for them.

The easiest way to make sure your flower border looks how you want it to is to use your shovel to dig holes to mark out where you want the flowers to go. If you want to, you can plant your flowers in a certain order that will lead to them breeding different types of flowers! 

Once you are happy with your hole placement, stand next to one of the holes and open your pockets. Click on your desired plant and choose the Plant option.

If you keep doing this you will eventually have a pretty awesome flower border around your orchard.

Making your island how you want it is a massive part of playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons so you can customize your orchard to look however you want it to. Many players use custom designs on signs to mark where certain fruits are planted, so you can easily tell when there isn’t fruit on the tree!

If you follow the basic steps, you will have your very own island orchard!

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