Apex Legends Leak Reveals Titanfall 2 Characters Will Be Playable

A recent datamining leak has revealed that Apex Legends could potentially see an expanded hero roster in the near future, while simultaneously adding fuel to the fire that Titanfall 3 is rumored to be in the works.

Rumors about the possibility of Titanfall 2 characters coming to Respawn’s most recent shooter have been in full swing for a while now, with dataminers constantly scouring game files in search of legitimate proof to support that claim. A discovery by known leaker Biast12 recently appeared on Twitter, highlighting a slew of new characters that are allegedly set to launch over the next seven seasons of Apex Legends. The leaked image has since spread to Reddit, and includes the character icons for Legends purportedly known as Valk, Blisk, Ash, Horizon, Fuse, Firebug, and Husaria.

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Most of the characters featured in the leaked roster are considered to be Offensive, with Blisk and Firebug representing the Recon class. Various Redditors pointed out that the leak could have been sourced by a playtester, while other Apex players highlighted the possibility of it being a marketing campaign. The leak cannot be validated as of yet, but fans are already excited over the possibility of it being true.

Another leak that appeared during the summer — courtesy of dataminer KralRindo — uncovered an impressive collection of weapon charms, including one for Titanfall 2 character Ash. A third dataminer, shrugtal, also reported some lettering found on the Idcoms Frame back in July, pointing to a collectable artifact from Season Quest. Shrugtal pointed out that the word “ASH” could be seen on the artifact, which continued to tease the character’s imminent arrival.

Similar to Hammond Robotics’ Synthetic Revenant, Ash is a simulacrum and one of the antagonists from Titanfall 2. Ash pilots Ronin and Reaper-class Titans as an Apex Predator under the command of Blisk , allowing the character to fit in perfectly with Apex Legends’ existing plot.

The leak was also followed up by news from Brazilian streamer TheNeon_Beast, who confirmed that Respawn is developing Titanfall 3. The aforementioned dataminer Biast12 gave credence to TheNeon_Beast’s intel, however both tweets have since been deleted.

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