Apex Legends Level Reset: Update issues bring servers down and purchase warning

Today’s new Apex Legends update has caused issues that have led to players losing their account progress and cosmetic items.

This is affecting players on all platforms and appears directly tied to whatever changes were made to the game today.

Since the release of Apex update 1.1, Respawn has taken the game servers offline for maintenance.

This remains in place until the development team can fix today’s issues and should stop any further problems.

Respawn is warning players to not buy any new items until maintenance is complete and they have given the okay.

“Hey all, sorry about this,” a message from Respawn explains.

“We are going to start turning off servers as we do maintenance and we’ll be updating this post with info as we look into this.

“Until we have the issue resolved we recommend you do not buy or craft anything. We’re working to give you folks an ETA.”

From what has been described by fans, their Apex Legends progress, including items earned and levelling experience, have disappeared.

This has left some players to have to go through the training process again.

Fans are hoping that this is just database mismatch and that no permanent damage will be done to player accounts.

But until Respawn gives the okay and rolls back the servers, they have warned everyone not to be doing much with their Apex accounts.

“We are aware and looking into the issue with accounts losing their progress after the update today. Will provide an update ASAP.

“Until the issue has been resolved we recommend players do not buy or craft anything. We’ll continue to provide updates, along with an ETA, as information comes in.”

No ETA has been provided yet on how long today’s issues could last but it appears Respawn will be giving routine updates tonight.

One affected user writes: “Level 155, Spent $1000 on the game, have 58 legendary skins, 30+ skins on every single legend and weapon, level 34 BP.

“All legends unlocked, 3k crafting metals, 40k legends tokens, 200 apex coins.”

Another adds: “I’m assuming they’ll just restore my account to its former status after, so I didn’t. If you end up keeping the items after the reset I know I’ll deeply regret it, but hey.”

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