Apex Legends’ New Hero Catalyst Is Doing Tarot Readings On Twitter

Catalyst is Apex Legends’ newest hero to arrive with the start of Season 15: Eclipse. She’s trans, which was quite explicitly stated in her introductory trailer, but more subtly revealed was also the fact Catalyst is a witch. Catalyst's abilities all center around controlling ferrofluid–a fairly non-witchy ability set that might have some players wondering where these occult tendencies come from. To get a better sense of Catalyst's status as a witch, she's taken over the Apex Legends Twitter handle to throw out some free tarot readings.

"Think of something happening in your life—a situation, a question that has occupied your mind—and LIKE this tweet to draw a card," asks Catalyst on Twitter. "Let’s see the future you could make."

You won’t have to wait long to get your reading. Pretty much seconds after pressing the like button, I received my card. Naturally, I pulled the Death card. Catalyst explained that Death isn’t necessarily a bad card to draw and that it mostly signifies momentous change is coming. But I’m also deathly afraid of change, so her words are poor comfort.

I'm not sure how many cards are in a real tarot deck, but Catalyst seems to have an Apex-themed card for pretty much every Legend in the game as well as several locations as well. For example, the Moon is actually represented by Boreas, which was struck by a meteor and now orbits Cleo as a bunch of debris.

It looks like there are at least a few different readings for even the same card, so don’t expect your reading to be the same as every other one Catalyst hands out. Just click the like button and you'll hopefully get a better card than I did.

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