Apex Legends Patch Notes for Season 2 update includes big PS4 and Xbox One map changes

We already know quite a few things about Season 2 of Apex Legends, coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC today.

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that new weaponry is being released, alongside a new Legends character called Wattson.

We also know that Ranked Play is changing in Season 2, as is how Daily and Weekly Challenges function.

But there are still plenty of mysteries left to find out about for Apex Legends Season 2.

And the new patch notes being released today by Respawn will give us a full lowdown on all of them.

It should be noted that today’s Apex Legends update is scheduled to go live at 6pm, BST.

No further delays or warnings have been posted by the development team, meaning we have no reason to believe this will change.

Fans are expecting the King’s Canyon map to change during Season 2, although we only have a few clues as to what that might entail.

A recent news post from Respawn has provided details on a rampage of animals and new buildings popping up on the map, details of which can be found at the bottom of this article.

And all the new changes should be shared in the upcoming patch notes, which are scheduled to go live with today’s update. There will likely be a little bit of a delay between the update being released at 6pm, and the patch notes being shared.

Fans have also been warned that today’s Apex Legends update is a big one, weighing in at around 20GB on consoles. That’s a hefty size for machines, although it will be lower on PC and EA Origin platforms.

“Season 2 starts tomorrow! We’re planning for the update to go live around 10:00am PST [we’ll let you know if that changes]. We’ll post update with patch notes once we’ve confirmed it’s live.

“We also wanted to give you all a heads up before Season 2 starts tomorrow that the update will be a pretty big download,” a message from Respawn explains.

And here’s more on why today’s Apex Legends Season 2 update is so large, with the Respawn statement adding: “As we continue to work on Apex, we add content and code to the game.

“We also find improvements that make existing content fit in less space or get processed faster, which means the way we store the content changes, making it effectively ‘new’ content.

“When we ship a patch, usually we deliver this new content in additional files that sit alongside the files we originally shipped with, so updates are as small as possible for our players.

“However, the cost for this is that outdated content remains alongside the new content, growing over time. New players still have to download it to start playing, and all players must keep it on their disks.

“To pay down this cost, periodically we make a fresh build of the game, with outdated content removed, so the game is faster for new players to download, more efficient, and takes up less hard drive space for everybody.”

So essentially, you will be downloading a whole new version of Apex Legends today, meaning a big download.


The Leviathans – In the aftermath of the tower’s collapse, the once-peaceful Leviathans that hovered beyond the cliffs of Kings Canyon tore through the arena, destroying several familiar landmarks in their violent stampede. The small, abandoned town on which they settled is now little more than a pile of rubble.

Flyers – The flyers that long circled Kings Canyon – surely drawn by the smell of regular bloodshed – have made the Shattered Forest their nesting grounds. Our photographers spotted several of these creatures scouting the arena, returning to their nests with boxes of supplies.

New Installations – A new containment outpost and additional camps have been constructed across the arena, but the most eye-catching of all is certainly the Cage. This six-story behemoth is meant to draw competitors to supplies like moths to a grisly flame. It seems the Mercenary Syndicate has no plans to let this attack stall the Apex Games and have used it as an opportunity to create an even greater spectacle.

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