Apex Legends Season 14 Lobby Has A Little Titanfall 2 Reference

Apex Legends’ latest season just dropped and changed up quite a few things. There’s of course the usual map rotations, the balance changes, and the new cosmetics, but there’s also a new lobby screen for players to stare at while waiting for a match. And the eagle-eyed among you might have noticed a silhouette that seems awfully familiar.

To get a better view, we turn to Twitter user KralRindo (via NME) who grabbed the asset of that silhouette and put it out in plain sight. What we see is the same model used in Titanfall 2 for the IMC scientist present in Effect and Cause, perhaps the most famous level in all of video games. That’s the one where you jump between the past and the present to bypass obstacles in order to retrieve The Ark, an ancient alien power source that IMC turned into a planet-busting weapon.

Effect and Cause is so cool that it doesn’t have its own subsection in Titanfall 2’s Wikipedia article–it has its own page.

While this Titanfall 2 reference is certainly cool, it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the current story playing out in Apex Legends. There’s every possibility that this poor IMC scientist is just a reused asset, something that happens all the time with even the biggest developers. Or perhaps it might presage something more with the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, Season 14: Hunted is off to a great start. Apex Legends just reported its highest concurrent player count ever on Steam with over 500,000 players. Although this figure doesn’t include console numbers, it’s still a strong sign that Season 14 is Apex Legends’ biggest ever.

Though, we should note, it's not perfect. A curious bug is mixing up Legend abilities so that some players report using Mirage's decoy ability as Valkyrie or firing off a salvo of rockets as Caustic. There's also a problem where players aren't getting the correct rewards when leveling up. Stay tuned to Respawn's official Twitter account for when bugfixes drop.

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