Apex Legends season 2: Battle Pass rewards and tier 100 reward REVEALED

Apex Legends season 2 has been released today with a brand new Battle Pass out now on PS4, Xbox One and PCs.

The Apex Legends season 2 Battle Pass brings with it even more Legendary skins and for the first time daily and weekly challenges.

These new regular Apex Legends challenges will help players earn bonus Battle Pass XP and level up even faster during season 2.

The Apex Legends season 2 Battle Pass also offers new types of cosmetics rewards…

MUSIC PACKS: Update the music you hear during the drop, when you win, and more with themed music packs.

EMOTES: Show off your moves while you’re dropping into the arena with emotes for each Legend.

LOADING SCREENS: Customise loading screens throughout Apex Legends with unique art.

Speaking about the Battle Pass in a post online, the Apex Legends team said: “Jump in. Level up. Unlock unique rewards.

“Instantly get the Gilded Gibraltar, Valor Bangalore, Dreadnought Pathfinder, and Spitfire Intimidator skins when you buy the Battle Pass.

“The more you play, the more you get. Grab the Battle Pass and jump into the arena, where every level you gain levels up your Battle Pass and unlocks exclusive rewards.”

Those who play the Apex Legends season 2 Battle Pass will be able to unlock over 100 items throughout the season.

And any rewards they get before the end of Apex Legends season 2 will be theirs to keep permanently.

The Apex Legends season 2 Battle Pass rewards include the Legendary Spitfire Intimidator skin which unlocks when the Battle Pass is purchased.

Other rewards include the Jade Tiger Octane Legendary Legend skin and the Prince of Darkness Caustic Legendary Legend skin.


The Iron Rampage R-301 Legendary weapon skin is another reward for the Battle Pass.

The Apex Legends season 2 Battle Pass costs 950 Apex Legends coins.

Besides the Legendary Spitfire skin, three exclusive character skins also unlock upon purchase.

Alternatively, the Apex Legends season 2 Battle Pass can be purchased via the Battle Pass bundle.

This costs 2,800 Apex Legends coins and unlocks 25 levels of the Battle Pass.

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