Apex Legends Season 3 Map: All 15 locations exposed

Apex Legends fans are gearing up for the release of Season 3 today , which will see new content added to the battle royale game.

Respawn has confirmed there will be a brand new map, called World’s Edge.

And understandably, fans are excited to explore the new locations.

The original King Canyon map has seen some updates since the game launched in February, but this is the first time Apex players will enjoy a whole new map.

Respawn dropped a trailer which gave players a first look at World’s Edge – which includes a volcano, some icey landscapes as well as green areas.

The map, which is located on planet Talos, is where “molten heat and chemical ice collide”.

And thanks to Rodney Reece, Senior Level Designer at Respawn, we now have a full look at the new map and its 15 locations.

He kindly tweeted a picture of the map, with the caption: “Starting planning your drops. #ApexLegends #Season3”

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Here are the 15 new locations for Apex Season 3:

1. Skyhook

A large, metropolis-style area where there are lots of towers surrounding a spire in the middle.

2. Drill Site

Located between two hills containing several tall, yellow drills.

3. Lava Fissure

Here are a set of structures on top of a lava lake, containing Ziplines.

4. The Train Yard

Located very centrally on the map, and contains large metal structures which can be climbed up.

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5. Fuel Depot

6. Refinery

This is a small area located at the top right hand corner of the map with crates players can climb on.

7. The Epicenter

Located in the middle of the map, and is filled with frozen chemical ice. In the middle is a large yellow machine.

8. Capitol City

This is a city full of skyscrapers, streets and other structures.

9. Overlook

On the eastern edge of the map is an overlook containing several structures suspended over water.

10. The Geyser

A tropical-looking location which is full of greenery and blue ponds.

11. Thermal Station

Located in the bottom left hand corner of the map and is surrounded by a lake of lava.

12. Sorting Factory

Located towards the bottom half of the map is a big factory and large open areas.

13. Lava City

This one is pretty self explanatory.

14. The Tree

You’ll find some lootable structures here, and a large leaf planted in the centre.

15. The Dome

Located at the very bottom of the map is a lava pit surrounded by research facilities.

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