Apex Legends September Soiree Kicks Off With Dummie’s Big Day LTM

Summer might be coming to an end, but Apex Legends continues to roll with new content updates to keep the fun alive. While Apex players continue to tinker away with new legends and balance updates, it never hurts to have a few modes to kick back and goof around with friends.

Season 6 of Apex Legends is continuing with the return of limited-time modes from past seasons and re-releasing some older limited content. Welcome to the September Soiree event!

To kick off the September Soiree, the official Apex Legends Twitter account announced the return of Dummie’s Big Day. Those of you that were not around for the limited time mode when it first came out are definitely in for a treat. Dummie’s big day has players choose from the same pool of dummies, each with randomized ultimate abilities and an ability to chuck out a random item.

The event will last until October, with a different limited-time mode being available every Tuesday.

With the return of old events and the focus shifting to the September Soiree, some of you may be curious about upcoming collection events. For the time being, it seems that there will not be a new collection event until October, as no other official statement about them has been made.

Known Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal commented on the recent event and what it means for the previously leaked collection event Aftermarket. While Shrugtal believed that Aftermarket would release on September 15, according to some leaked data, there is the possibility that the event could be pushed back unexpectedly. A reminder that no event was officially confirmed and that all coverage and comments on a new event were based on leaks and no official confirmation.

While waiting until October is not a long wait for new modes, it may be testing the patience for some Apex Legends fans that were holding out for a new event soon. It will be interesting to see if a collection event will run alongside a Halloween event or will replace the standard Halloween content.

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