Apex Legends update: PS4 and Xbox One patch news for Season 4 release

A new Apex Legends update is launching today, February 10, which should prove very popular with PS4 and Xbox One gamers. Following the start of Season 4, console fans have been reporting issues playing the game without lag or stuttering problems. This appears to be tied to the game freezing at random intervals, followed by Apex gamers finding their character, and whole squad, eliminated.

This problem appears to be affecting Apex Legends on PS4 and Xbox One since the launch of Season 4.

And for those who have been hit by lagging problems, it spoils a lot of hard work in an instant.

One user explains online: “It certainly feels like it’s not everyone at the same time because I’ll be in a gunfight and it’ll happen and I’ll freeze and when I come back I’m dead and the enemy is moving around perfectly fine.”

Another adds: “Likewise. It’s not worth the frustration and tanking of stats to play with the constant stutters and freezes.”

“I haven’t been home in two days so it may have been fixed, but this was happening to me and the boys almost every game. We are all on PS4 and all hardwired too.”

The cause of the issue on consoles has not been revealed but it appears that a fix is on the way.


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According to one member of the Apex Legends development team, a fix is being rolled out this week.

Respawn’s Josh Medina responded to one user asking when the stuttering issues might be fixed on consoles.

He responded: “I think something to address that should be going out Monday.”

So while this is no way a firm announcement that a patch will be available to download today, it sounds like it’s a strong possibility.

And if it doesn’t materialise in the coming hour, we can probably expect some kind of fix in the coming days.

When it comes to release timing, we would expect a smaller patch that includes just bug fixes to arrive by 7pm, GMT.

But it will be worth keeping an eye on the Apex Legends social media channels for the latest news and launch schedule.

The big news from the launch of Season 4 away from the console bug issues was the launch of Revenant.

Gamers have been putting the Synthetic Nightmare through its paces over the past couple of days and now there’s a new bonus available.

A special Revenant skin has been released as part of Season 4 and is available to anyone with Twitch Prime.

The Gilded Rose Revenant out is available until March 19 to claim and is proving popular with fans.

“Roses are red, Revenant’s skin is too, and he’ll never, ever stop hunting you!” a message from Respawn adds.

“Everybody’s favourite sinister simulacrum is ditching the skins of his enemies for this flowery alternative. Revenant may be literally heartless, but you can still fall in love with his blood-red bouquet display!

“Dress to impale and get up close and personal with the other Legends this February. You’ll truly take their breath away — forever.”

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