Ark: Survival Evolved – How To Build A Tek Hover Skiff

Ark: Survival Evolved has come a long way since its early access release back in 2015. Various features have been added to the game while many of the original mechanics have been further refined. These changes have helped the game to sell millions of copies and continue to placate its large and dedicated player base.

One particular addition that has proven to be particularly popular is the Tek Hover Skiff, which was added to the game as part of its fourth DLC expansion pack, Genesis: Part 1. This endgame vehicle makes traversing the game’s world significantly faster, but what really makes it such a useful vehicle is its ability to transport creatures.

Small and medium-sized dinos can be placed on top of the skiff in order to take them from A to B. Those hoping to move larger creatures though will instead have to rely on the ship’s tractor beam which can immobilize and carry just about anything. As an added bonus, the skiff can also carry up to 16,000 units worth of items in its inventory making it great for storage too.

To put it simply; this is something you definitely need in your life if you’re still playing Ark. It’s an invaluable asset that will not only make things easier but also serve as a symbol of your mastery of the game. As you might expect though, you’ll have to jump through a few hoops before you can get your hands on one.

The first thing you’ll need to do is install the Genesis expansion and then complete at least 58 missions. From here, interact with your HLNA pet and you should be able to take on The Final Test on Gamma difficulty. Even at high levels and with a strong team at your back though, defeating the Corrupted Master Controller is no walk in the park.

Before you can even try, you’ll first need to remove his mask by defeating the corrupted creatures and depositing the code-keys that they drop into the Codebreaker terminal. In total, you’ll need to deposit 240 to remove all three mask pieces and will be given 15 minutes to tackle each one. With all that out of the way, you can finally turn your attention to the boss.

Before you can inflict any damage, however, you’ll again have to deposit some code-keys. Thankfully, you’ll only need 40 of them this time around. From here, just be aware of your surroundings and make sure to keep an eye out for his laser shots. Providing you can keep yourself alive, you should have no trouble slowly whiting his health away.

Upon taking him down to half health, he’ll become immune to regular damage any you’ll need to switch to Tek weapons instead. Keep doing what you’re doing and eventually, the Corrupted Master Controller will fall and you’ll be rewarded with a selection of items. The one we’re interested in though is the Unassembled Tek Hover Skiff Tekgram.

With the required Tekgram now in your possession, head to a Tek Replicator and select the Tek Hover Skiff from the menu. You’ll need some additional resources in order to craft it, but these should be things that you already have on hand. If not, you’re going to need to do a bit of farming.

  • Crystal or Primal Crystal (60)
  • Electronics (268)
  • Element (168)
  • Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot (4,100)
  • Oil (62)
  • Polymer, Organic Polymer or Corrupted Nodule (372)

Upon crafting the skiff, exit the Tek Replicator menu and you should find your new skiff somewhere near the replicator (usually behind). Add some Element to power it and you’ll now be good to go. Controls will vary depending on which platform you’re playing on but they’re not too different from the game’s other vehicles and so shouldn’t take too long to pick up.

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