Ark: Survival Evolved Is Getting An Animated Series, And Yes, Vin Diesel Is In It

No sooner do we get news that Studio Wildcard is getting to work on a sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved than we get the news that it’s also getting an animated series to go along with it.

At The Game Awards last night, the Ark II trailer started us off with the likes of Vin Diesel running through the jungle past orc-like adversaries and one very hungry T-rex. Immediately following that five-minute long odyssey came this trailer below for the upcoming Ark animated series.

We’re getting some pretty strong Horizon Zero Dawn vibes from the main character, what with the bow, reddish hair, and dinosaurs. Fleeing from an antagonistic knight on the back of a Deinonychus, she and her Parasaur get shoved over an inconvenient waterfall. She then desperately fends off the knight before finally being saved by her Parasaur, which apparently survived the fall to ambush the knight while off-screen.

There’s quite the list of names attached to Ark: The Animated Series. The end of the trailer lists Michelle Yeoh, Gerard Butler, David Tennant, Madeleine Madden, Jeffrey Wright, Elliot Page, Karl Urban, Devery Jacobs, Zahn McClarnon, Ragga Ragnars, Deborah Mailman, Malcolm McDowell, Russell Crowe, and Vin Diesel all offering their voices to the show.

With Vin Diesel in both the cartoon and sequel, it seems like he’ll play a pivotal role in whatever Studio Wildcard has planned.

Ark: The Animated Series will arrive sometime in 2022. There’s no streaming platform or production company attached to this endeavor, so we’ll have to find out where you can watch the show later on.

As for the Ark sequel, we know that it’ll likely push a somewhat more narrative-focused game than the current mayhem you can expect to find on a random Ark: Survival Evolved server. There might even be a singleplayer campaign. No release date was given for Ark II, but we’re gonna guess that it’ll be sometime after the animated series hits TVs.

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