Asian Region Release Of Onechanbara Origin Will Have English Subtitles And VO

Publisher Clouded Leopard Entertainment has announced that the Asian region release of Onechanbara Origin will contain English subtitles and voice-overs in addition to support for a few other languages. An HD remaster/remake of the first two PS2 entries, Origin was announced back at TGS 2018. At the time, it was unknown if a western release was in the cards.

This new likely indicates that the US and Europe won’t be receiving an official release. That’s not a big deal if the game is completely localized. Along with English, the game will have Traditional and Simplified Chinese and Korean subtitles. Players will also have the choice of picking Japanese, Chinese, or Korean voice-overs.

Basically, if you were interested in playing Onechanbara and worried that you wouldn’t be able to, your day has come. The series has never really taken off in the west, but a few notable releases on Xbox 360 and Wii have made their mark in gamers’ minds. Most people remember the insane Bikini Samurai Squad for its shameless objectification of women, but it also happened to have a hilarious B-movie quality to it.

Also, what is this trailer? In a bold move, it seems Japanese idol band Broken By The Scream will be providing the theme song for this game. I really didn’t expect a mixture of J-pop and screamo, but it actually fits pretty well. Even if you have no interest in Onechanbara, just watch the video for that culture shock.

If you aren’t into importing, there is still a chance that an official western release could happen. For whatever reason, the rest of this series has had some kind of presence in the west for nearly 15 years now. It seems niche Japanese games do well enough to keep getting localized, which is a good thing. Everyone should be able to play and enjoy the weird stuff they like without hassle.

Currently, the Asian region version of Origin is scheduled for a Summer 2020 release. The Japanese version released last December on PS4. No other platforms have been confirmed, though a Switch port could potentially work. Onechanbara isn’t that graphically demanding, especially with its PS2 origins.

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