Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: 10 Best Weapons, Ranked

Weapons are an integral part of any Assassin’s Creed game and Valhalla is no different. The right melee or ranged weapon could take your gameplay from subpar to becoming better than that of the pros. Not all are created equal and every player should set their sights on the best weapons to be had in the game.

This list ranks both melee and ranged weapons based on their ease of use, damage rates, and overall performance. Keep reading to learn which weapons you should be using in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!

10 Carolingian Pike

The Carolingian Pike is free if you link your Amazon Prime account to your Ubisoft account, and is totally worth it. It is not the best weapon in the game, but it is free and has a quick attack speed. The only downfall is the low damage and stun rates, and the weight is fairly average. However, it is still a great weapon to use if you are into wielding spears as your combat style.

9 Yngling Seax

The Yngling Seax is a fine dagger, and it makes for a great primary or secondary weapon due to its insane speed. It might only deal 30 damage per hit, but it does a lot of damage fairly quickly, and the low weight helps as well. If you do decide to use this as your primary weapon one tip is to make it even better by using runes that reduce the weight of the weapon, which can lead to more dodges and increased melee damage.

8 Blodwulf Shield

This is a light shield, and it may not deal as much damage as the previous two weapons, but it does have a perk that makes it desirable. If you parry an opponent with this shield, then it offers a chance for your weapon to light on fire. It can lead to increased damage as you now have a heated blaze to assist you in battle, and the low weight doesn’t make it a burden in combat.

7 Sepulcher Axe

The Sepulcher Axe is decent with a better-than-average attack even though it is burdened by a slow speed. This is another weapon that ignites, but it does require you to land critical hits in order to achieve this perk.

Many players rave about how great it is to dual-wield this weapon, which is one of the skills that can be acquired and helps you make an overpowered character. It isn’t the best weapon you can have in your arsenal, but it’s far from the worst, especially if you enjoy wielding this type in combat.

6 Sarcophagus Shield

The Sarcophagus Shield is quite heavy compared to other weapons, but this can be remedied by using runes to reduce its weight, as well as the weight of your armor. The attack of this is insane, and the block is even better, not to mention the cool appearance this shield has as a whole. It also has a unique perk that gives you a chance at having a fiery circle form around you when parrying a hit.

5 Mournful Cry

The Mournful Cry is a hammer that can only be acquired by buying it at Reda’s shop, so you won’t have to go searching through several locations, but it isn’t cheap. However, it is totally worth the opal as it is fast and deals quite a bit of damage. The perk is what makes it so special as it will add poison to the hammer for a limited time, making it even more lethal to your enemies.

4 Spinning-Death Flail

The Spinning Death Flail is as fun as it sounds, which is a major reason why it was ranked so high on this list. It makes it easy to stun your enemies, and the attack damage it deals is one of the best out of all of the weapons.

If you are a fan of fire then this is what you should use as a Heavy Finisher Hit gives you a chance to drop a Fire Bomb down on the enemies that remain. The only problem with this weapon is that it is hard to control, and it isn’t uncommon for Eivor to become desynchronized for killing too many civilians.

3 Petra’s Arc

Petra’s Arc is the only bow on this list because it is the only bow you will ever need, especially when completing several side quests. It is a predator bow, which some will argue is the best of the three types that you can choose from in the game. The attack damage almost guarantees a kill every time, even if the speed is a bit slow. It also increases critical damage when at full health, making it the perfect thing for any master of stealth.

2 Varin’s Axe

Varin’s Axe belonged to Eivor’s father, but the nostalgia of it isn’t why it is so high up on this ranking. The attack damage is incredible and the speed is envied by other weapons on this list, not to mention it is collected early on in the game. It is one of the best things about the game as it only grows faster the more hits you land which makes Eivor an opponent to be feared in battle.

1 Excalibur

This is a mythical great sword and by far the best weapon in the game because of its damage and its perk combined. It does take some time to unlock this weapon, but it is well worth it as any Heavy Finisher or Critical Hit will blind all of the enemies within range. It is worth it to reduce its weight to make it even faster as it will only enhance its deadliness, especially when battling mythological creatures.

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