Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: All The Treasure Hoard Maps (& Where To Find The Loot)

Eivor is not just an assassin, but he is also a treasure hunter in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There are treasure maps scattered across England and Norway and each one contains an image or riddle that correlates with the map of a region in some way. Sometimes it provides quite a challenge, but you will be rewarded with either a tattoo or cosmetic scheme for your longship.

You will have to use all of your skills to retrieve the loot, and it is well worth it to acquire these extra cosmetics. Finding all of the maps and their treasure is a daunting task, but one you will surely manage with the help of this treasure map guide for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla!


  • Location Of The Map: Eastern Part of Rygjafylke Below Kjotve’s Fortress

There will be a hut near the shore that you can search, and the clue will be sitting on the table inside. You might have to complete A Cruel Destiny before you can access the map.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Torghatten Rock, West of Alrekstad, Rygjafylke

The clue tells you to head east of Alrekstad, but you actually want to head west to the next island over. The entire island resembles an eye and you need to climb into the center of it and then look for branches on some rocks as this is where you will find the treasure.


  • Location Of The Map: Besuncen Tor, Grantebridgescire

There is a large tower located here and it will be at the top. Climb onto the statue on the wall to collect it.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Southern outskirts of Grantebridge, Grantebridgescire

When you head to the southern outskirts of Grantebridge you will find a house with a well behind it. Shoot the boards off the top of the well and drop to the bottom as this is where you can collect the treasure.


  • Location Of The Map: Venonis, Ledecestrescire

Jump off the right side of the bridge leading into this location and head into the arched opening. Break the pots to reveal a hole you can slide beneath and loot the treasure map off of an old casket.

  • Location Of The Treasure: North of Venonis, near a rock formation, Ledecestrescire

You will need to head just a little north of Venonis in Ledecestrescire (which has some of the best storylines) and look for a rock formation similar to the one on the map. Climb onto its base and tucked into the corner of its curve is where you will find the treasure.

East Anglia

  • Location Of The Map: Edmund’s Hope, East Anglia

When you arrive at this location find the tall tower and make your way to the top of the interior. There will be a room filled with scrolls and a key will be on a few scrolls. Use this to open the door to the small building outside and take the map off the table.

  • Location Of The Treasure: East of Scotthoh Farm, East Anglia

You will want to head to the east of Scotthoh Farm and look for a small piece of land surrounded by water within this region. There will be a circle of Roman statues and the treasure can be found in the center of them.


  • Location Of The Map: North of Eatun Barn, Oxenefordscire

A breakable rock wall will be on the side of the cliff — you will want to explode this then head inside. Make your way through the tunnel until you reach a room with a movable rock. When you move it out of the way it will reveal an opening in the wall which is where the map is located.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Northeast of Readingum Abbey, Oxenefordscire

If you head northeast of Readingum Abbey you will discover a huge tree beside a well and dilapidated house. Break the boards over the well and jump to the bottom as this is where you will find the treasure which might turn out to be a back tattoo.


  • Location Of The Map: Hill Gate Remnants, Sciropescire

Find the broken tower and shoot down the hanging bag of rocks to create an opening in the ground. Jump down, slide under the wall, and collect the map off the table in the back.

  • Location Of The Treasure: The pond to the north of Caustow Castle, Sciropescire

A greenish looking pond exists to the north of Caustow Castle. All you have to do is swim to the center and a loot command will appear on your screen for this treasure.


  • Location Of The Map: Dover Pharos, Cent

Locate the tower and climb all the way to the top, as the map will be sitting beside a few pieces of pottery on the ground.

  • Location Of The Treasure: South of Beamasfield, Cent

Find the snake on your map and mark the head as this is where the treasure lies. Its location is easily identifiable as a few vipers will be sitting around it. Kill them, like you probably would to Gorm, and collect the loot to obtain your treasure.

Suthsexe #1

  • Location Of The Map: Monk’s Lair, Suthsexe

You will complete a side quest involving a murderous monk and killing him will give you a key to his lair. Open the door and collect the map off a box in the corner.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Chertsey Abbey Ruins, Suthsexe

If you head to the southern edge of the Chertsey Abbey Ruins in Suthsexe then you will discover a large tree. The loot lies beneath it and all you have to do is dig it up.

Suthsexe #2 (Crawelie)

  • Location Of The Map: Crawleah Warehouse, Suthsexe

Head to the Crawleah Warehouse, which looks like a large house with an iron and wood door. Walk inside and take it off the table covered in scrolls.

  • Location Of The Treasure: South of Crawleah Warehouse and southwest of Anderitum Hideout, Suthsexe

Find the collection of ponds straight to the south of the Crawleah Warehouse and locate the one with a small circle of land in the middle. A water shelf like the one on the map can be found here, and the loot is hidden on a small piece of land in the center covered by flowers.

Suthsexe #3 (Treehouse Shop)

  • Location Of The Map: Treehouse Shop, Suthsexe

One of the side quests you will encounter takes place at the Treehouse Shop where some poor children try to sell you junk. If you choose to buy the shoe you will find the treasure map inside.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Southwest of Brimcliff Monastery, Suthsexe

A part of the cliffs sticks out to the southwest of the Brimcliff Monastery and this is where you need to search. Jump into the water and locate a part of a wrecked ship, as the treasure will be sitting inside of it.

Suthsexe #4  (Witch’s House)

  • Location Of The Map: The Witch’s House, Suthsexe

The map can be found in The Witch’s House near Guildford. Run to the back of the house and break the slats so you can slide under to gain entry. Throw your torch at the opening once you enter to rid the home of the terrible green gas. The map will be on a shelf toward the front of the home, but don’t linger if you don’t destroy the gas as it will kill you.

  • Location Of The Treasure: South of the midway point between The Cistern Tower and Chiselherst Bandit Camp, Suthsexe

Open your map to the region of Suthsexe, one of the best areas to explore in the game, and locate the image that is found on the map you collected. When you reach this area you can use Synin to mark the exact location of the treasure.


  • Location Of The Map: Saint Helena’s Church, Essexe

The first step is to acquire the key from inside of Saint Helena’s Church by searching the sides for a movable object, breaking the window, and then taking it off the chair. Next, you will need to head inside the building’s main entrance and find the locked door, which your key will unlock. Finally, use the ladders to climb to the top of the tower and retrieve the map.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Southwest of Wulfaswic, Essexe

The treasure is located southwest of Wulfasic, and it is near a World Event and Roman Artifact by the river’s edge. You will find it near some ruins, beside a tree, and surrounded by three stumps.


  • Location Of The Map: Whisby, Lincolnscire

This location has a house that is situated on an inland lake and first, you have to acquire the key from the boat in the water by the dock. Once you have the key you can unlock the door to the house and retrieve the map.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Skegi’s Beard, Lincolnscire

There is a tower located in the northeastern part of this location along the water’s edge and this is where you will find the treasure. All you have to do is climb to the top to retrieve your prize before heading off to defeat the hardest bosses.


  • Location Of The Map: The Minster, Jorvik

A church is located on these grounds and you will need to enter through the second-story window into this establishment. Once you have entered look for the movable object and behind it at the end of the hall is the map.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Forseti’s Rest, Jorvik

Head to Forseti’s Rest, which you might be able to Fast Travel to, then look out across the river toward the woman. Take the zipline across and climb her body until you reach the bowl she is holding, as it also holds your treasure.


  • Location Of The Map: Petuaria Ruins, Eurvicscire

The map can be found at the top of the ruins on a stool, and you just need to collect it and be on your way.

  • Location Of The Treasure: East of the Peturaria Ruins, Eurvicscire

If you haven’t yet beat the Lost Drengr, one of the mysteries in the game, in this area then you can use him as your mark for this treasure. It should be in the pool in front of him, but sometimes it doesn’t appear because of a bug.


  • Location Of The Map: Sabrina’s Spring, Glowcestrescire

Make your way to Sabrina’s Spring which is a pool of water with the statue of a woman in it. The map will be on the bowl in her hand, so make the climb then head out to find the treasure.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Maen Ceti, Glowecestrescire

You will come across a tree surrounded by hollowed-out ground, which you will need to jump into. There is a movable object inside, but you will have to move the rock out of the way first. Once it is moved you can collect the treasure hidden inside.

Wincestre #1 (Seminary)

  • Location Of The Map: Wincestre Seminary, Wincestre

Find your way into the seminary and one tip is that you have to break a glass window near the gable of the roof. You have to jump inside and pick up the map off the table.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Northwest of Uffentune, Hamtunscire

Find the strange drawing on the map in Hamtunscire and there will be a small divot in the ground surrounded by rocks where you will find the treasure.

Wincestre #2 (Bishopric)

  • Location Of The Map: Bishop’s Residence Temple of Mithras, Wincestre

Make your way into the Bishop’s Residence, whether it be with stealth or your own combat style, and head to the second floor. You need to break down the boarded room and the map is inside.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Southwest of the Isle of Whit, Hamtunscire

The treasure can be found in Hamtunscire and it is a short walk from the Isle of Whit. There will be two large rocks covered in grass and a tall tree with no leaves near where the loot is located.


  • Location Of The Map: Hammeham, Lunden

A little north of the Hammeham location marker you fill find a boarded-up well near a stone arch. Break the boards and jump to the bottom of the well to find the map.

  • Location Of The Treasure: South of Saint Albanes Abbey, Lunden

This location has quite a few tall ruins, but you are looking for a smaller square ruin set apart from the main attraction. You will find the loot hidden in one of the corners behind some tall bushes.


  • Location Of The Map: Abandoned Library, Snotinghamscire

Shoot the boards covering the hole at the ruins of this abandoned library with one of your best hunter bows and drop down into it. Run down the stairs and break the pots then slide under the hole in the wall it reveals, which is where the map is hiding.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Minninglow, Snotinghamscire

You will see a small hill and a circle of trees with a well in the middle of them. You can loot the treasure in front of the well.


  • Location Of The Map: Fearnhamme, Hamtunscire

A heavily guarded building can be found in this area and you will need to enter it with an overpowered build and shoot down the rocks to reveal a hole in the floor. When you jump into the room you will see the treasure map waiting for you.

  • Location Of The Treasure: Between Dertremor Bandit Camp and Wishtman’s Wood, Hamtunscire

When you enter the forest you are looking for a red tree and it will be surrounded by red bushes. The treasure can be found looted from its base.

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