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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will have you doing much more than just invade England. You’ll also be securing alliances, playing kingmaker, finding kidnappers, and discovering romance. Yet it isn’t until Eurvicscire that you get to play an undercover detective for a lengthy period of time. And it’s an adventure that’s well worth the intrigue.

Of course, it’s only worth it if you don’t get lost and make a ton of blunders. An incorrect dialogue choice here can thwart your entire campaign as well. This guide will go over every single objective during the questline and will provide some tips to make sure that everything will work out perfectly for Eivor.

War In The North

  • Travel To Anlaf’s Lookout
  • Find Halfdan’s Army

Upon arriving at Anlaf’s lookout, you’ll be attacked by wolves and discover the place has been abandoned. Fight them off and you’ll automatically be given the next task of looking for Halfdan’s army. Use your bird to spot them within range of the lookout on a ridge nearby.

  • Speak To Faravid
  • Defend Faravid And His Men

After getting close, you’ll be prompted to speak to Faravid, after which several archers will interrupt you. They pose no threat, you can kill them with a few well-placed arrows without taking a step.

A second wave of units will flood in following the death of the archers, give them the same treatment and you’ll get a cutscene.

  • Meet Halfdan Ragnarsson
  • Speak To Halfdan

Mount up and head back to civilization. After a long cutscene, Halfdan will make his way upstairs and tell you to enjoy the activities. You do not have to participate in the festivities and can simply follow him up the stairs to speak with him again. After a five minute cutscene, you’ll complete this stage and move on to the next one.

Honor Has Two Edges

  • Find And Speak To Faravid

Head out and find Faravid. He and his companions will immediately suspect the truth. During this questline, you will be given many dialogue choices, but no dialogue choice matters except for the one in Of Blood And Bonds toward the end.

Spoilers: Faravid is indeed betraying and poisoning Halfdan. If you wish to role play a wise Eivor, you may make flavor choices going forward with this in mind.

  • Escort Faravid And His Men

Faravid will be under attack from the sides of the path. The attackers use smoke bombs that obscure vision, but the trick is patience. In the smoke clouds, you can’t see them or even yourself, so wait for the clouds to clear before entering battle.

  • Speak To Faravid
  • Follow The Picts Through The Caves

Faravid will have you go through a cavern that is pretty straightforward with one major caveat. If you intend to complete the game entirely, there is a treasure of Britain behind a wall of ice here. You can collect it in just a minute or two and it will never be more convenient than this. Whether you pick it up or not, exit the cave to move forward.

  • Report To Faravid
  • Kill The Pict Scouts

Your conversation with Faravid will be cut short after some scouts take off. After going down the zipline, call your mount to catch up with them.

  • Regroup With Faravid Near Stenwge
  • Find And Kill The Pict Chief

You can simply attack the encampment head-on, but if you’re looking to avoid too much carnage, there is an elaborate area between the ground and the wood floors that can sneak you past the guards.

The chief, Galan, is one of the easiest bosses in the game. He’s in a pit, giving you a free assassination to lead off with, then there is a fire jar next to him to explode. This opening combo costs him most of his health. After destroying the fire jar, you’ll both go down through the floor, where he’ll be conveniently be standing next to yet another fire jar.

A cutscene will complete this step and lead you into the next one.

Road To Hamartia

  • Return To Halfdan
  • Find And Speak To Moira

Fast travel back and then get your orders to speak to Moira. She won’t be marked, but using your bird shows you where you need to go. You’ll find a note directing you to Wyke. That’s a pretty distant location, so call your steed and head that way.

Moira’s house is actually behind a bunch of trees, use your bird yet again to spot it. You’ll see that rioters have trapped her inside. Break through the roof and speak to her.

  • Help Moira Escape The House

After talking with the leader, you can choose whether to resolve things violently or peacefully.

  • Confront Moira
  • Find And Report To Halfdan
  • Find Halfdan’s Scout
  • Bring The Wounded Scout To Halfdan

Moira will have you go speak with Halfdan, who is looking for his scout. The scout is not marked until you get close, he can be found on top of the ruined pillars. Pick him up and take him back to Halfdan.

  • Follow Beonton
  • Search For The Alleged Traitors

Beonton will take you to the Petuaria Ruins. Head inside and break through a false wooden floor. The tunnels have several blockages that can be dispersed with explosive arrows, but if you don’t have the ability, you can swim underneath the maze as well. You will eventually come to a room with fire pots to break these blockages as well. You will have to destroy the blockages one way or the other because the final door requires Halfdan’s help to open and he’s not a swimmer

  • Find The Source Of The Voices

After another inconsequential dialogue choice, you’ll be moved along to the next mission.

The Son Of Jorvik

  • Meet Faravid At The Wolds
  • Race Faravid To Jorvik

You do not need to win this race, but if you want to win, then forget about the trail and take shortcuts to the final checkpoint.

  • Reach The Royal Hall
  • Find And Speak To Hjorr

After a long cutscene at the Royal Hall, you’ll cross the city to find your old buddy Hjorr. Your timing is good, he’ll get in a fistfight that you’ll have to help him out of right away.

  • Wait For Hjorr
  • Return To Hjorr

You don’t have to hang out with Ljufvina if you want to speed up the process. You can head to the checkpoint and rest until nightfall. A cutscene will take you through to the next stage.

Honor’s Hubris

  • Meet Faravid In Stenwege
  • Travel To Magnis’ Staging Grounds
  • Report To Ljufvina
  • Negotiate With The Pict Envoy

Despite the assault cinematic triggering early, there are several bonus steps before actually attacking the Magnis Fortress. Jump through these hoops and talk to the people at the markers, then the battle will begin in earnest.

  • Reach The Inner Compound
  • Breach The Palisades
  • Shoot Links To Lower The Drawbridge
  • Secure The Inner Courtyard.

You don’t have to attack any enemies until the final step unless they become overwhelming. Two arrows will lower the ladders. Climb over the wall and open the main gate from the back. The palisades can be destroyed with an explosive arrow but there are nearby fire jars instead. Then shoot down the drawbridge as usual and kill everyone on the other side.

  • Defend Magnis Fortress, Hold Off The Pict Assault

You’ll be surrounded by enemies, but after clearing them out, hop on the mounted ballista and turn the combat into a fun mini-game of point and shoot. After thinning out their numbers, the stragglers will be marked. One will be a “champion” but he’s nothing special. After they’re all taken care of, talk to Halfdan again.

  • Kill Ricsige

Ricsige will take off running, but he’s not fast and he’s heading into the middle of nowhere. He’ll detail the journey to Hel before your eyes and you will be free to continue.

Of Blood And Bonds

  • Witness Halfdan’s Coronation

The tooltip tells you to wait, but Halfdan is not at the marked location. Use your bird to pinpoint him. He’ll walk back to his throne where you can speak to him and finally move on.

  • Defeat Faravid

If you want a good ending, you must select “Stand down or fight me, Faravid.” If not, you lose your alliance and Faravid gets away with his treachery. Faravid is a boss in name, but hardly in practice, treat him like any elite unit and you’ll win the fight easily to conclude this stretch of Eurvicscire.

Reporting On Eurvicscire

Tell Randvi how it all went down and you’re set to move on!

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