Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Guide To The Cavern Of Trials

One of the tasks you will face in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is called The Cavern of Trials and it is where one of the Treasures of Britain lies. It involves a series of keys that you will have to retrieve in order to finish the task, and there is no way out until you do. It is easy to grow frustrated, especially when this is no easy task by any means.

Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that can help you complete this task and obtain the Treasures of Britain you’ve been craving. This will walk you through the steps, as well as what you need to do in order to obtain each key.

Head To The Coast Of Cent

The location of The Cavern of Trials is along the coast of Cent, which can be found at the bottom right-hand corner of the map. Once you discover this region head to the outcropping on the coast and you will find yourself in the vicinity of where you need to be.

Find The Abandoned House

The cavern is actually located inside of an abandoned house. Once you find it you will want to climb down the ladder located in the floor. There will be a few vases by the wall that you will need to break in order to slide beneath the wall. It will cause you to slide down a ledge and from this point on you won’t be able to escape unless you solve the puzzle or use your Fast Travel.

Collect The Keys

If you read the pamphlet along the way it reveals that there are several keys that need to be collected. It’s also a good idea to talk to Valka after completing the Asgard storyline as there are plants you need for her next potion in this cavern.

You will need to collect all four if you want to make it out of the cavern. One tip to keep in mind is that you will have to grab them while airborne, so the quicker your reflexes the better.

The keys are as follows:

  • Key of Courage
  • Key of Balance
  • Key of Agility
  • Key of Dexterity

Key Of Courage

This is the first key you will come across in the Cavern. You will have to jump across a few rocks and on your last jump a key will be hanging from a chain. It does have a slight glow to it and collecting this key will open the door to the next area in your adventure.

Key Of Balance

When you enter through the door that was unlocked by the Key of Courage you will find yourself in a cavernous room with a statue in the middle. You will want to head along the wall to your left and enter the first opening to obtain the Key of Balance.

The goal is to travel along the ropes which form a square and then climb the stalactite at the end. This will put you on another rope and the key will be hanging from the ceiling to your right. This is arguably the most difficult as you have to be sure to grab the key at the right time. It often takes a few tries as grabbing the key is not as easy as it seems.

Key Of Agility

The entrance to this key’s hiding place can be found by heading back into the main cavern and looking to the left. There is an opening here and all you have to do is jump, climb, and slide your way to the key.

Once you have collected the key, keep going forward through the maze and move the giant rock blocking the hole in the wall. It will lead you back to the central cavern.

Key Of Dexterity

Again, look to your left once you reach the central cavern and the next doorway to a key will be located here. You will need your bow and arrow for this challenge, but don’t worry, there are plenty of arrows for you to loot during this challenge.

There are two bags of boulders you will have to shoot down in order to reach the next platforms. There is also a ladder near the end that you will have to shoot the pully in order to release the bottom half for you to climb.

Once you reach the top of the middle platform then you will want to walk on the ropes to your right and the key is hanging between them. Take as many jumps as you need to grab the key then head back to the main cavern.

Find The Chest

Jump to the ground and head to your left after finding the Key of Dexterity. There will be a series of two locked doors for you to open and a chest in the middle of the room.

Open the chest to obtain the Nickel Ingot that you can then use to upgrade your armor or weapons.

Move The Rocks

The main reason why people head into this cavern is to find the Treasures of Britain. You will want to unlock the door on the far side of the room and it will lead to a series of stairs that Eivor will climb.

You might think you can just collect your prize, but the trials continue as you now must move some movable rocks. Climb the first movable rock you come across and hop over the stalagmites to the other side.

Next, push the movable rock all the way forward and then to the right. Again, climb on top of it and jump over the stalagmites onto the next movable rock.

There is one last movable rock that needs to be pushed all the way to the end and then you can use this one to put yourself one step closer to the Treasures of Britain.

Collect The Treasures Of Britain

There is a rock in the center of the room and the Treasures of Britain is situated directly on top of it. A key is also hanging above it that you can use to unlock the door and Eivor can once again feel the sun on her skin.

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