Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Orlog Tips And Tricks

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an expansive game about conquest, family, and mythology. It’s also one really good dice game. One could be forgiven for abandoning the quest to dominate England or whatever in favor of throwing some bones. There are 20 Orlog players scattered around the world of Valhalla, and each gets smarter strategies as you go. If you want to get that achievement/trophy for beating them all, you might want some help. Here are some tips for improving your Orlog game.

Farm Favors For The First Few Turns

One of Orlog’s core mechanics is getting favors to use the powers of the gods. It might seem obvious, but these god powers are the best tool at your disposal. You want to get as many favors as you can in the first two, maybe three, turns. Always keep the die that give you favors (the ones that land on the side with gold runes on the border), and reroll everything else.

The AI opponents typically aren’t too aggressive, so you shouldn’t lose too much health even if you forgo shields/helmets in your quest for favors. Your goal should be to go into the third or fourth turn with at least ten favors.

Unleash The Might Of Thor

The first god power you get is that of Thor. This ability lets you deal direct damage to the opponent by spending your favors. Since the goal of the game is to reduce your opponent’s health from 15 to 0, you can see how this power comes in handy.

In fact, I’ve found it to be the best power in the game so far. Thor’s damage cannot be blocked by shields or helmets, so you’re getting guaranteed results for your effort. The only way an opponent could counteract Thor is to use a godly power to heal their damage. Even in this case, the opponent is spending favors to undo your spending of favors. It puts them in the position of reacting to you, giving you a tactical advantage. Saving favors and spending them on Thor is a simple, straightforward path to victory.

Go On The Offensive

If you can make early use of Thor, you should have the opponent down to half health or below before they can even do five damage to you. If you’re able to create such a wide gap, it’s time for you to go all-in.

The opposing AI tends to prefer varying their strategy. This opens the door for you to focus on one type of damage. Roll five axes, for instance, and watch as your opponent’s pick of one helmet, two shields, two arrows, and a hand fail to protect them from your assault. Your best bet is to do this on a turn where the opponent rolls first. Then go based on what they pick first. If they pick a shield, go for axes. If they go for helmets, pick arrows. Just like with Thor, your blitz will either deal lots of fast damage or put the, on the defensive.

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