Azumarill Is The Top Pokemon Pick For Scarlet & Violet’s Charizard Raid

Charizard is the Pokemon of choice in Scarlet & Violet this weekend, something a number of trainers have been concerned about. The fire type has been a tricky foe to tackle since Pokemon's inception, and new games mean figuring out a new way to take it down. That said, it seems your best chance of defeating Charizard in raids this weekend is by having Azumarill lead your charge.

Scarlet & Violet's weekend Charizard raids have already begun, and GamesRadar has highlighted trainers' successful attempts to take it down using Azumarill, sometimes all by themselves. There are a few reasons why the gen two Pokemon is such a wise choice in this situation. Most obvious of all is Azumarill being a water type against Charizard's fire typing.

That means Charizard's powerful fire blast won't have as drastic an effect against Azumarill as it would against other Pokemon. Why Azumarill is better than just any water type is because it is also a fairy type. Scarlet & Violet's raid Charizard will be using the games' new tera mechanic which will make it a dragon type. That means Azumarill will be immune to the effects of its tera blast.

Making sure Azumarill isn't blown out of the water by Charizard is only half the battle. You also need to make sure your Pokemon can hit back, and that means ensuring Azumarill has the right moves at its disposal. Belly Drum might seem like an odd choice, but it's a must. It'll reduce Azumarill's health, but seriously up its attack stats. It's also worth making sure your Azumarill knows Rain Dance as it's the perfect counter for Charizard's Sunny Day.

Two weeks into Scarlet & Violet's launch and the issues the games have been plagued with already appear to be getting left in the past. Nintendo has apologized for the problems and promised a patch, and a lot of focus has now shifted to competitive play. Pokemon revealed this week that both paradox Pokemon and Scarlet & Violet's legendaries will be prohibited from official competition for its first two seasons.

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