Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear Plush Is Coming Soon–Here's What You Need To Know

Finally, you’ll be able to lovingly handcraft your very own tiny green alien child. Build-A-Bear is dipping its toes into the Baby Yoda plush wars. The specialty stuffed animal retailer will release a build-your-own Baby Yoda within the next few months. It’s completely unsurprising that Build-A-Bear wants to capitalize on the love that millions of fans have for Baby Yoda, but it’s quite exciting.

As reported by Business Insider, Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John announced the news at the ICR Conference, a large conference for investors in Orlando, Florida. According to Business Insider, John claimed that Build-A-Bear began working on the design alongside Disney and Lucasfilm after the first episode of The Mandalorian aired last November.

Build-A-Bear is no longer just a place where parents drop a ton of cash on accessories for stuffed animals. In recent years, Build-A-Bear has released products based on Pokemon, Star Wars, Deadpool, DC Comics, and even officially licensed NFL and NBA bears. The range of notable entertainment properties has bolstered Build-A-Bear’s popularity amongst adults, and Baby Yoda will probably contribute to this trend.

I would hope that anyone who goes to Build-A-Bear to make a Baby Yoda will give him his default outfit and name him Baby Yoda on his birth certificate. But hey, it’s your Baby Yoda. Build-A-Bear hasn’t revealed a price for Baby Yoda, but if you’ve shopped there before, you know it probably won’t be cheap.

Since revealing the Baby Yoda Build-A-Bear earlier this month, the retailer’s stock has jumped 62%, according to MarketWatch.

Baby Yoda’s many admirers will have plenty of plush options to choose from in the coming months. Hasbro is releasing a talking Baby Yoda plush to combat Mattel’s Baby Yoda plush, which is currently sold out. Disney also has an adorable plush of its own that’s available for pre-order. It’s possible that all of these Baby Yoda plushies could sell out before they release this spring.

Maybe 2020 will be the year people camp outside of Build-A-Bear for the chance to build their own Baby Yoda.

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