Babylon’s Fall Is Reportedly Being Given Out For Free At Gamestop

The one person still playing Babylon's Fall might have a few friends to embark on adventures with before the game is shut down for good. That's if anyone fancies picking up a copy from GameStop where employees are reportedly handing the game out for free to anyone who asks.

That's according to a tweet that has since been backed up by others after it was shared on Reddit. “If you want a free case and coaster, maybe find one before a GameStop employee gets around to tossing it into the dumpster,” the tweet reads. A little harsh as yes, the coaster they are referencing is the disc you'll need to play the game.

As for why GameStop appears to be throwing copies of Babylon's Fall in the bin, one of the comments backing the claim has clarified the company's process. GameStop has a system that dictates how much it pays for games when they are traded in, and how much they will then sell them for. Apparently it's possible for that system to deem a game is worth less than nothing, hence it no longer being viable to sell Babylon's Fall.

That same reply claimed they went to their local GameStop to see if the rumors were true, and they were indeed handed a copy of Babylon's Fall for nothing when they asked. They also claim they got a copy of Anthem for good measure, another online-only game that fell pretty flat. So flat that it also appears to be worth less than nothing in the eyes of GameStop.

Aside from the fact Babylon's Fall has been incredibly unpopular, the reason it has likely been pushed into negative value at GameStop is Square Enix's reveal support will come to an end in February 2023. Since Babylon's Fall is online only, even if you do pick up a free copy it will be useless after that. Well, other than using the disc as a coaster as previously suggested.

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