Back 4 Blood: Ogre Boss Fight Guide

The Ogre in Back 4 Blood is a building-sized Special Ridden that you will encounter very early in the game. It's one of the bosses with the highest Health in the game — its Max Health increases by 3,000 respectively on greater difficulties. Plus, it can do massive amounts of damage at close range and can wipe your entire party in seconds if you are not focused.

The boss fight has two phases. The second phase will start when it loses 50 percent of its Health. You can find the fight very challenging and frustrating, but you can best the boss with enough determination and strategies.

How To Beat The Ogre

Taking on the Ogre can be brutal, even more if you do not have a lot of resources and healing items on you. Having more than 11,000 Health, the boss can tank a lot of bullets before going down. If you are low on ammo, then not engaging it would be a wise choice. You can also run away from the fight at the start of the second phase if you find yourself low on ammunition. Doing so will allow you to re-encounter it some other time.

As soon as the fight starts, it would be best to split up and go into different parts of the arena. Keeping your distance is also necessary as Ogre can do massive area-wide damage if you are too close.

The Ogre will occasionally start chasing the closest person to it. You and your party need to divert the boss's attention when this happens. Getting stuck in a corner is not advised as it could lead to certain death. If one of your party members does end up in the corner, you can use grenades to create a distraction, especially flash grenades. These stun the boss for an extended period of time, allowing the trapped party member to move away, and it gives you time to shoot everything at the Ogre.

As Ogre is a Special Ridden, it has weak spots on its body. These weak spots glow red, allowing you to shoot on those marks for maximum damage output. Shooting anywhere except the marks will waste your bullets as he will take reduced damage. The boss also has a few long-range attacks where it will throw projectiles at you that can do very serious damage. You can dodge this very easily when you see it raise its arm and start telegraphing the move. Because of its massive size, it will move slower, allowing you to reload and use healing items without a problem.

On the other hand, the Ogre has two phases. The second phase starts at 50 percent of the boss's HP. This is your chance to run away if you are low on ammo. The second phase will stay almost the same throughout.

Playing the game on a higher difficulty will make this fight longer and much harder. Because Friendly Fire is enabled, you need to shoot carefully and with better aiming accuracy. Trauma is also active, which decreases your Maximum Health whenever you take damage. Removing this is only possible through healing items.

The Ogre is one of the main bosses in the campaign, and dealing with it is necessary to complete it. However, killing it will not get you any loot.

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