Back This Board Game That Lets You See The World Through A Dog’s Eyes

Heckin’ Good Doggos! lets you experience what life would be like as a dog. The board game is currently finishing up its funding period on Kickstarter. The title has currently raised over $15,000 toward its $10,000 goal, so Heckin’ Good Doggos! will definitely be seeing the light of day, but you can still make a pledge until February 19. You'll get some great rewards if you do.

The developer behind Heckin’ Good Doggos, Wet Ink, describes the title as a “game of make believe where players can experience the world from an animal’s point of view. Some things will seem familiar, like protecting their backyard from potential threats and protecting their owners, while others are purely fantastic and whimsical situations they find themselves in like helping a ghost resolve its business so it can leave this world.” The game is both “serious and silly with an emphasis on crafting scenarios that make players have a blast while also having to solve the many challenges they will experience in ways that only doggos can.”

“When starting a game of Heckin' Good Doggos, players decide what kinds of doggos they want to create, who their Best Friend is, what kind of neighborhood they want to play in, and then they can dive right in!”

Heckin’ Good Doggos! uses a roleplaying system where the skills of each player are “linked to an attribute which determines how they can modify their results after rolling the dice.” Rolls can be modified in various ways both before and after the fact.

The game involves interacting with other animals which don’t necessarily want the same thing. “Conflict turns on this disagreement, but does not always mean a fight. A conflict can be a teeth and claw battle with a bear or an attempt to encourage a scared child to emerge from a hiding place.” Conflict can be resolved in different ways. “A show of force may scare a threat away, but simply running away might also end the danger.”

Conflict is resolved through cardplay with each card representing a different approach to the situation. Spades are “friendly licks, excited barking, happy body posture, nuzzling.” Hearts involve “puppy-dog eyes, looking small and helpless, begging noises.” Diamonds mean “growls, threatening barks, bites.” Clubs involve “speed, strength, digging, defensive posture.”

“When a conflict begins, the Narrator will tell the doggos what cards the group will need to play to defeat, escape, or otherwise end the conflict. The number of total cards needed is a measure of how difficult the conflict is to overcome.”

The digital version of Heckin’ Good Doggos! will be released in May, 2022. The physical version will be coming out shortly afterwards.

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